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Allan R
It needs to have a decent price. backward compatibility, game prices shouldn't go up. 
...and none of this "No used games" BS.
Yeah, no kidding. If it isn't backwards compatible, or god forbid actually blocks used games like it's been rumored to, I can guarantee you I won't be buying one.

Of course this all assumes that the PS4 is actually going to be announced on the 20th (which, despite what they themselves said and my own speculation, does increasingly seem to be the case...)
Think about the vista...its all down loadable more DVDs...
Why is the writer hating on PlayStation plus?
Ill buy a PlayStation 4 on day one just like I did when ps3 came out. I don't trade games so I could care less. I buy then beat them then stock them for my kids to have. Fast forward 15 years and now my kids are enjoying them. 
WELL coming from CNET (the biggest apple fanboys ever) I'm surprised they didn't compare it to a iPhone ....
+Michael Villalpando if you look at CNETs YouTube I would say at least half or more of them are apple videos and about roumors or leaks that arnt even real...recently they have posted a lot about the iwatch for example 
A great article however no mention of wanting to see an improved in-game chat experience. My buddies and I switched from XBOX around October last year, something we wish we did sooner as the gaming experience is far superior on PS3. The one thing i long for its quality in-game party chat with friends. We currently use either Google hangouts or skype, which is fine, however doing this via the laptop or mobile phone apps really is unnecessary given the capabilities of the PS3 now, let alone the potential of PS4!
I hope they focus on the games first and not movie tv en music bs...just saying it's a game console first
Developing a new controller would need to be easy to adapt to. This whole shenanigans about the used games is ridiculous, no playing a used game? What do you expect consumers to do then? It will only lead to die hard hackers to commit time to hacking PlayStations more than they already have to provide used game support. I feel as though Sony may transition into chip games like the Vita. No lengthy load times due to spin and read speed, heating issues with CD motors, lighter weight since no CD components are even inside(giving more potential for performance and cooling expansion).
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