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Are you concerned about the government tracking your social media activity?
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not in the least. People who get worked up about this stuff, at least in my estimation, are either a) up to no good and I want the government tracking them or b) are vastly overestimating how much people care about the updates on their silly little lives...
I am not even surprised at this what so ever. Conspiracy folks have been say things like this since the inception of email.
I'm not 'up to no good', and still do not wish to be on the gov's radar. (Where were they when some ass stole my SSN and ran up thousands of bucks in credit cards?)

Either way, they're watching, and I accept that. I'm about civil rights and privacy, but I also have to acknowledge we live in a world that has a ton of threatening, scary ppl. There's no such thing anymore. 
couldn't i just not check in every 5 min and turn off my location notification?
Too late, +Ed Raines. The gov already sprinkled us with RFID pixie dust and track our every movement, more closely when we're offline.
Dont say might like it "may" happen. Its been happening. xD
what if computer viruses are really made by the Anti-virus software companies to make money? (o_O)
What about studying the habits of regular people (Good people) to build software that can detect bad people (terrorists, etc)? What if by checking into places I'm helping counter-terrorism? 
+Neil Schreiner Provide its a voluntary system I can see the merit in it but it should be something people can have to sign up for or optout.
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