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The PlayStation 4 is official. Watch our live coverage!
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oh look my pc can still play games better 
Finally some new technology!
BOOO!!!! Streaming games. Sony, you're progressively getting worse. I like to actually own the things I buy.
ps4 is crap.
arent all sony consoles
no need to get out of hand here its a fact
smd nigga ur momma so ugly they thought she was Godzilla and fuk u I fuk ur mther
This is great now the PlayStation 3 price will drop to a steal.
U saw the ps4? No i did not 
so much butthurt in this thread
Gaming culture is dead. You people killed it. 
Actually, Sony NEVER did show us the actual console.  But I think that's because they want to see what people will do/say about what they've seen so far.  I remember the "banana" controller for the PS3 that they showed off right away, and people HATED it.  As for the console, people LOVED the PS3 console...but hey...who knows.
We all fucking get it PC,s are a better gaming device. Shut up already, console players don't play the same way computer gamers do and are looking for other things when playing games. 
That guy not reading the comment right. 
Obviously not. Or you wouldn't have said that dumb comment. No where in my comment did I say consoles are better.
These comments only tell me who to block...
Ps4 is equal to my difference accept it costs a crapload more money to play...
Gotta love the xbox comments lol what's this I hear about the new xbox will have Blue ray. Hmmm now let's see who owns the Blue Ray? Sony lmao They will may money off every xbox sold. So Sony wins again. Dumb xbox fans
Hey yo yo yo watch it dude cos SONY got some KICKASS RPGs inhis bags Like -GOD OF WAR SERIES,Gears of WARS etcccccc   so before you say a comment about sonys RPG games Tell me any 5 good RPG games which are better then these two from any of the Rigs
Probably the worst product release....
People are missing the point. The conference was to let you know it's coming soon and all the big names backing it. And what if will do. Sony is no dummy in the video game maker. Even now the PS3 is still the most powerful system. Check the specs. And what has Microsoft said about their next system absolutely nothing. Sony brought dvd at an affordable price with the first playstation and did the same with blue ray. It also had the only handheld that ever stood against Nintendo's hand held and lasted. The company has always been a trend setter. I owned the first Xbox and the 360 but I still rather have a playstation any day! 
so right dude @layne dont judge the PS4 right now lets see what others has to offer us and then we will see whos the king, but still in ma Heart PS will be the best one can say that any other Rig (includeing XBOX360) can beat any of the Playstation in terms of Hardware 
So, it should be out sometime this year it right?  Which means that late in 2014 - maybe early 2015 I can look forward to getting the slim model they release that will likely have no playback ability, yet fix any issues that will certainly arise with their first gens; as always has happened with any console.
I can't wait to get it!  XD  It would be really cool if they had Gmod and MineCraft for it.
Xbox users suck , so get off Sony's nuts
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