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After the NY Times published a story critical of Tesla Model S battery life, Elon Musk said that the article is inaccurate and that he has the car logs to prove it:
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The times will do anything to get people to purchase the Times again
Good for Elon Musk! Thanks for posting +CNET I love that he turned the tables. hehe :-)
The Times journalist is playing dumb.  If you read his defenses and imagine he was talking about an ICE he just sounds ridiculous.  

Also, this could just be coincidence, but it sure was a timely article given that TSLA hit an all time high the day before.  Just an observation.
The logs will show accuracy. The does sound like the NYT author did everything he could to get to the "omgiranoutofpower!!!" conclusion he was after. I wonder if his friends shorted the Tesla stock before he published this BS....
Wouldn't have had these problems, regardless of usage, if it was a fossil/hybrid car... just saying :)

One other thing - Is it just me or is anyone else a bit concerned about presence of 'logs' in a car, which show where, how fast you have been driving? I'm not a privacy freak, but sounds a bit scary, especially if the car gets stolen/broken into and all your movements are then potentially available for criminals to target you further... I hope Tesla protect this somehow.
You certainly would have just a couple months after the first ICE rolled of the production line.
+Alexei Andreyev , most newer vehicles track this type of data discreetly in the internal electronics. Mostly used for determining root cause of any problems for the vehicle, however also useful for determining a "liar liar pants on fire". I'm sure the journalist signed waivers for privacy prior to test driving. Time will tell.
Big Oil doesn't want Tesla to succeed.

I wonder how much the NYT got to smear Tesla.
Alexi, the current Congress is trying to legislate that black boxes be put into all future cars for ... "safety" reasons.

So, say bye bye to even more of your privacy.
I live in UK, so don't have to worry about that... for now!
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