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Anonymous member 'Nerdo' has been convicted for targeted campaigns against MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal for cutting off access to WikiLeaks:
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Oh man... must have been pretty funny to be part of "The people vrs Nerdo."
*The Crown vs. Nerdo

But yes, it's an odd case when the defendant is "Nerdo"
Guess Nerdo wasn't much of a Hacker seen as though he got caught for DDoS, these kids will learn someday !
Nice to see this economic criminal is being brought to justice.
Hacker no but criminal yes. You don't need to be master of any kind of crime to be a criminal.
He done something bad and now is brought to justice. Always good news. 
No, there is just a difference and I figured I would point it out.  Just like how robbers aren't called murderers.
Understand where "Nerdo" is coming from, but Crime and Activism DON'T pay and I hope he as a youth will learn this valuable lesson, and I must say this behaviour in many ways "out of character" for nerds but of course,but we almost never rule out any "deviations" and this can't help our reputation, either and this proves..."If we want to start a "revolution" we do it PEACEFULLY and we don't commit crimes such as this.  
I respectfully disagree. Unfortunately, these acts were specifically in response to wikileaks getting cutoff from visa, PayPal, & MasterCard. Although it is wrong to attack these companies, it shows that people are willing to stand up to these major companies controlling the flow of money around the world. Does no one else find it troubling that companies can refuse service against legal entities? The blocking of funds to wikileaks shows that these companies collaborated to help the American government silence an inconvenient voice. A voice that has the goal of "bringing important news and information to the public..." Private companies with that power SHOULD be unacceptable. The reasoning behind these companies blocking funds was because they were pressured by the State Department. It's unfortunate that these "kids, the largest generation on earth today, Millennias" are the ones trying to keep governments accountable for their actions. Overall, I believe the man was wrong in his act.... But it seems it was a response for a real cause that obviously no one cares much about. 
I would Hardly consider this kid a hacker considering his nickname is nerdo for 1 for 2 He got caught.........on a Ddos attack....3 Didn't even use a proxy...
this kid should stick to most.
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