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What are your Apple predictions for 2013? Here's what Nostratongus has to say:
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Take 1/2 of that, water it down and hey presto, Apple’s 2013!
+David Wood, Dave I could not agree more! Apple needs to change the look and feeling of iOS. Android is really starting to mature....
Apple has got some really good UI people like Bas Ording. They will find a way out of their stalled UI evolution now Scott Forstall is gone.
They'll try to catch up to Android. How's that for a prediction?
They still to far behind wit smartphones...
I like the iPhone, but I don't like iOS. iOS is just plain boring and you can't customize anything at all. If Apple don't redesign iOS they're gonna fall way behind other manufactures.
+Maximilian Gajek I got iphone 5 on release date but I'm about to switch to the Galaxy note 2 because iPhone is for people who aren't power users and its just a little boring compared to android...
I predict that all tech blogs will use "Apple" in 99% of headlines.  Whether or not the story is even about "Apple."
A new iPad mini, a new redesigned iPad 5, iPhone 5S, and perhaps iOS might look a little different since Ive has replaced Forstall. 
cnet, stop licking apple's balls.
+Lee Cooper I just ordered an iPhone 5. I was thinking about the note 2 and other options as well, but I like iPhone and I have invested much in the Apple ecosystem. I'm going to stick with the iPhone 5 until the note 3 or something similar comes out. 
+Maximilian Gajek me to I'm going to just add a line and try out the note 2 and see what the hype is about.....
It's still gonna be corny...they to scared to try anything because they don't wanna get sued back..
Another boring phone, a lot of whining and trying to sue every rival into the ground. 
+Lee Cooper is you want good battery life get a note 2. I have a iPhone 5 for work and it sucks for basic use. My WiFi kicks on and off and the patch didn't work. And typing on the thing is a challenge if your a two thumber since its so skinny. It looks nice, but that's about it in my opinion. With moderate use and lte service the phone barely goes a work day with a charge.
I just got the Note 2 and I love it. You're right about the battery lol it doesn't die. 
+CNET , is it so hard to embed your videos within G+?
Prediction: whatever they come out with, their dedicated fans will just have to get it.
I've been switching back and forth since the first iPhone. Iphone , Blackberry storm, moto droid, droid x, iPhone 4s, and now I have the galaxy s3 and I have to say android has officially won me over. The look of the phone has always played a big part for me, but now android is so good its just frustrating trying to do anything on iPhone anymore not to mention boring. The iPhone looks effin awesome but the iOS just absolutely blows. I think the perfect phone would be an iPhone running android.
1. All iphone users want better customization !!!!!#👍👍👍NOTE 2
I don't think ios will change this year. Ive just took over and they are going to milk it making people believe that he will come up with something crazy for 2014. Iphone 5S it is. 
+Felipe Bautista . Funny, I see you posting the same stupid, baseless comment on just about every Apple article I read. I'm assuming you need friends? Dogs make great friends and pets. Just trying to help..
+Lee Cooper. I actually like the customization options I have on my iPhone. I mean, it's a phone. What exactly would you like it to do as far as customization goes? Are you into the whole living wallpapers I'm guessing?
+Gino Osorio Yeah.. Cook's team will come up with the most innovative idea...

(...wider screen..?)
+Danny Bussiere like blocking certain callers,longer battery,free ringtones without going to iTunes,bigger screen,etc....better yet watch this video .......but ima get the Note 2 similar just bigger with the s pen-->
Apple have to change ios completely, cuz we used to same layout with little improvement. Bring different flavor. Cmon
+Lee Cooper. Are you serious? Blocking callers? Longer battery? My iPhone lasts approx 10 hours with constant use. Simple fix for the issue you're having with strangers calling you? Be careful who you give your # to. I have never gotten a stray call on my iPhone ever. Those aren't the only reasons are they Lee? If so, thats pretty lame man. 
+Lee Cooper. Free ringtones? My phone comes with 20 or more, that should be enough. Without having to use iTunes? iTunes is one of the greatest Apple inventions ever! Seamless comparability. Movies , music! What's not to love?
+Lee Cooper. Sorry man, I forgot the bigger screen part. Samsung galaxy phones have big enough screens for everybody. Pretty soon those phones will be like holding a galaxy 10 inch tab up to your ear. Sounds dangerous to me.
I'll stick with the Galaxy Series, I'm not really wowed by Apple at the moment! It's too restrictive and I prefer to customize however I see fit! 
Domination in the states?! Actually Samsung Android has literally took over in the states! Where are you getting this information?!?!
Android has completely dominated 2012 and analysts are saying they are extending their lead in 2013 when they release the Galaxy S4 and Note 3!!! It's non debatable! 
Apple still has a lead in smart tablets, but it's losing ground to the Nook, kindle fire, and galaxy tab 2 10.1
I would love to see Apple come out with a fresh new user interface, to appeal to tech savvy people!
It's not gonna happen!!! Apple will not give customization due to they are scared of getting sued... Because they sue everybody....
Cool, my best part is about the apple phone that needs to get bigger...the iphone5 still fits in woman's purse is so well placed & said!!!
What about the mans hand?
Joe Tee
quality control will lax now that steve ain't there to sweat it
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