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The #CNET100  is here! These are the stories, trends, tech, and people that mattered in 2012:

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Not shocked that the S3 beat out the IPhone 5 for the best of 2012. It was the correct choice and I am glad that Samsung but more importantly Android will finally get the recognition it deservers. I can't wait for the next great thing from all manufactures. With Androids open source , freedom of choice and apps that trully allow unlimited customization the future of Android is and will continue to be amazing. 
Android devices get more and more fluent, have more interesting features and ways to control and operate them...Apple keep adding hardware upgrades like higher def screens and different form factors but using iOS is the same as it's always home button, choose app, use app, press home button...repeat. IT's really boring now and I'm glad cnet seem to be ditching their fixation with Apple.
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