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Professor: Teens have started sleep-texting:
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Wow. They must have some really interesting texts if they sleep text.
People can sleep-anything. How is this news?
Oh god sleep texting, then, then sleep sexting!
Total waste of time and effort, juvenile at its best. Oh did I mention totally not constructive.
Now come the excuses for inappropriate texting and sexting in the middle of the night. Parents should take kids phones after a predetermined time at night. This will solve the problem and make unnecessary excuses a non-issue.
Kids shouldnt even have cell phones, but, I also think most adults have no need for one either. We have created a "must have" situation, that is to say, everywhere, we need phones, which is just not true. 
People shouldn't have cars bicycles flint knapped tools cell phones be cause it creates a "must-have" situation.

Are peoples' attention spans really that short?
Apparently people publish dumb articles in their sleep too.
Worst. Article. Evar. Where was the evidence? Where was the story?
Another garbage article by CNET. 
The author wrote this while sleeping.
+Jake Miller I'm sorry, what were you saying?
Anyway, cell phones, like or not, are necessities in this society There are way to many creepers and jerks out there to leave everything to chance these days.
as if it makes sense but anyways exercise for the brain as long as they aren't behind the wheel text on tards.....

So the excuse of texting the wrong person finally got used up. 
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