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Does the new iTunes try to do too much? Check out our review:
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iTunes became a monolithic behemoth years ago. When it started out it was a rather nice little media player and now it is probably more important in Apples software universe than OSX...
It looks too much like the iTunes Store these days! I don't like it and when I get my next desktop Mac, I'll keep the music going in the Google Cloud. 
I love iTunes 11, it's seriously a giant leap forward. I believe it's just a beginning. Apple's truly on a winning streak this year, they keep launching better and better products almost every month. Nobody is able to keep up with them at this moment.
so far so good... iTunes is one of the reason i'm still sticking with my iPhone
Apart from using it to backup my apple devices I don't use itunes anymore I can buy all my music, videos, apps directly on my Ipod touch and Ipad.
I don't use iTunes for years. xD

And it's those kind of things I'll never miss. ;)
iTunes 11 bites; time to switch to android
Avoid the prison and bloatware of Itunes. Google Play all the way! It even rhymes.   :)
+Nino Novak . Sorry, man. I know you're an Apple fanboy. Personally I've lost interest in Apple. They just don't innovate anymore. If they had kept up with the rate of innovation from iPhone 1st Gen to 1Phone 4 I wouldn't have dropped iPhone for Android. I also wouldn't be selling my macbook to replace it with Chromebooks and Linux machines. I also would still use iTunes for my music instead of Google Music. I also wouldn't have sold my ipods. I also would have just bought an ipad instead of going with the Nexus 7.

Please don't hear "apple fan boy" as a negative thing. I'm kinda a Google fan boy now. I was an all mac ecosystem for several years. macbook. macbook pro. apple tv. ipod. ipod touch. ipod shuffle. iphone. imac. Now all I have left is my macbook and my apple tv. 

Glad you're happy where you are. Personally I really like being able to only keep the music on my phone that I really love and leave all the rest of it in the cloud so I have the option to stream it if I want. If I ever change what I like I just send my "pinned" music back to the cloud and "pin" my other music to my player. The model works for me but it doesn't work for everyone, and that's ok.
I agree +Lane Greer - I like apple stuff, I have an iMac and iPad. However I'm growing frustrated by them with their overpriced products for what seems like small upgrades too often. So much so I've just replaced the 4s with a nexus4 and also bought a nexus7. I am impressed with these new android devices and also with Google music. I'm also impressed that Google are showing us top quality devices don't have to be so expensive. 
I don't see G+ as an "oops", for what I see I find it to be a huge success... it only has 1yr and a half, so it's pretty young.

The features of G+... those are just awesome. :-)
+Ed Connell seems we are a bit of topic, I would love to see some supporting documentation to back up your claim that G+ isn't growing. I've completely given up on other social platforms with the exception of springpad. Spring pad is my pintrist and g+ is my Facebook, twitter, blog, and messaging platform.
I like to keep my Music Library nice and organized, and iTunes is the Best application for that. No Problem with the new design, so far.
Don't care for itunes or iphone, android is the best
+Lane Greer and +Ed Connell I find a bit weird because I get everyday more interaction and more of my friends are joining.

And I've been on Pinterest, for me it's boring, sorry. 

But from other side, NBC News as reached almost twice the followers that they got in Facebook, and others have many more users that they got in Facebook.

You can also see this, I find it interesting:
Sam D
I haven't even upgraded my iTunes in years lol
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