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Can't wait until this gets enabled on my account. Hoping the album art also gets automatically cleaned up as well.
How do you have get it? Down load the app or what? 
I'm going to use it as sun as it becomes available. 
+Felipe Ampuero Salinas I agree, Google Music is awesome, I use it daily, on multiple devices, and the algorithm learns your tastes so well I rarely even have to hit skip when in random mode.

And given my very eclectic tastes, that's rather amazing...
The album art needs some tweaking. Not well on music uploaded from a hard drive.
+Josh Angle agreed, on both counts, I tend to find myself manually correcting album artwork a lot, just to get better resolutions, and whenever I download from bandcamp, I find it tedious to do the platform shuffle, but its still a great service and I hope #googlemusic is listening (hey, #nianticproject, you got any pull on these requests?)
Definitely agreed on the album art. I hate it when the fuzzy images pop up on my phone. You would think it would be an easy fix, but I am happy they are focusing on the product!
+Jon Paradiso I assume its a licensing thing, like how wikipedia has to downgrade resolution to justify #fairuse, copyright and patent need to be re-examined, IMHO, the industry would make more money if they were more sensible (like a sharper image might make my coworker see it on my streaming tablet and go purchase it themselves). Jus' sayin'...
Great feature especially when they are free. I wonder does Google still pay to the music industry if it is free? Its like pirating but legal!! Nice!
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