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Erich W
great this is one of the last companies wanted in the US
Isn't it usually the trend to produce in the low income third world countries. The US will suit fine. It did wonders for China.
Let's hope they don't have to install nets on the outside of buildings here...
What will Apple do. They already price their products like they are made in the US better grab your Apple stuff now cuz you will see a increase in price like you wouldn't believe 
Love it.  But I'm almost positive that Apple will not manufacture the an entire device here in the US.  Components will probably be assembled here if anything.  Imagine what the price of a Mac would be if it was made in America!  27' Mac = $3,200.  Base price.
Erich W
they will probably build foam pits around the building this way they don't lose any workers
+Courtney Jimenez Wasn't that the GOOD move they did, I'd worry more about the things that led to people jumping off the roof. Treat the illness, not the symptom.
apple is bringing an entire mac line to US Manufacturer so says the CEO.  good news of the job market.
i don't see any one in the states working a 36 hour shift!
so long as people don't whine if apple start charging $2999 for an iPhone
Anyone order a $4,999 MacBook Pro? Anyone? No one? Lol!
I all for foxx con coming here just not apple. They are a great company, and American needs the jobs but at what price. 
Kathy G
For rabid fans, the price is no object.  Look at Bernina--they make computerized home sewing machines.  Their TOL is MRP $12,000.  Accessories are equally overpriced.
Foxconn will have a new problem here, where will they hire underage workers? 
Just another marketing stunt, trying to show that they are more socially responsible.
Telling you now... This will be like working for HP! HP has highly skilled personnel they pay like slaves! $10.00/hr. Awful company to work for!!

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