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Samsung confirmed the Galaxy S4 will launch March 14:
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I'll have to pass. Got the note 2 like 3 weeks ago. 
I just can't wait to have this wonder in my hands!
Looking forward getting it as a gift from dad since I bought my s3 since less than a half year _
Cellphone upgrade around the corner. ...I really hope it's a game changer....not a S3s update ;-)
It's way too expensive for what it has.  Compare it with the Samsung Galaxy Grand - nearly the same features at double the price.  Sorry, Samsung, I'm not buying it.  I don't agree with the courts in how they ruled against Samsung in favor of Apple - I actually prefer Samsung products over Apple.  However, it doesn't mean that Samsung should raise their prices to resolve a hefty settlement.
If it doesn't have AMOLED then I don't want it.. I'll stick with my fantastic s2 till something better comes along.
Over kill and released wayyyy too soon. Why on earth would you need 8 cores?? I keep my note 2 in power save (2 cores)((same as gs3)) and the phone is still a beast there hasn't been a time I've needed all 4 cores . the phone rarely lags. I feel like now it's becoming a gimmick I mean really?? 8?? We just got 4! Any other note 2 users agree? Or am I just crazy
I'm with you Trey.  It's too much phone being released way too early and an outrageous price.  No need.
Agreed rumors are rumors but a lot do come true bc god knows people can't keep secrets very well especially with electronics. For example Hmmm.... Microsoft?.? 
I'm not due for an upgrade on to the Galaxy note 4 comes out so I'm good excited to see what they will bring to the table though
Exactly Tim I feel kinda cheated if you ask me I love samsung products but I fear I'm going to be left in the dark like in was with the galaxy s vibrant. Atleast the note 2 does everything and beyond what I need it for. 
Btw the vibrant is still working till this day only needed a battery now gf uses it. 
At least I'll have an ideal what the Note 3 might look like. 
Might as well wait till the note 4 lol 
Tao Xu
The handset has not been officially annouced yet.....or Samsung decides to jump the process now to launch it directly? Well, whatever, I am waiting for my note 3 for sure.
Has there been a 4.2.2 update for the s3 from Samsung ?? ..
For the International Version there was a 4.2 .2 update in the works
Yea no mention on USA though 
An Pok
I'll pass. I'm still very happy with my gs3.
I may just go the glass route I'm sure by the time I have an upgrade in another two years Google Glass will be perfected. And cheaper... Maybe 
Apple, whats your move?!! Lolz Cant wait to see it!!
I'm excited, especially for my son who has waited to finally purchase the very latest smart phone from the SUN
Tao Xu
The possible move from apple regarding this that I can predict is annoucing iphone mini immidiately as well as the next generation of ipad mini maybe. 
My guess if history does repeat itself apple will release...... The same damn phone but now it's in 6 different colors! Ooooo ahhhhhhh... Behold the powerful apple..... Please...... The iPhone is already mini next to note 2 haha
Dont know what will note3 will hv for me

Newer buy the s4, I will buy Xperia Z or HTC one.
I'm done trying to keep up with these phones... I'm lying, just got the Note ll, I'll rock this for a year... Can't go down in size after this phone tho. 
+oliver mcghee I feel you everything is too small now lol have you tried picking up an iPhone recently? I just laugh
I was afraid they'd say 'twould ron on Tizen OS.

So, they're sticking with Andy!

Smartphone, Smartchoice, eh, Sammy?
+Trey Alder don't worry, it won't be eight cores ;) first of all in this exynos octa processor only 4 cores work at a time. 4 for the less power consuming tasks, and 4 for the more pore consuming tasks. but anyways it is already confirmed from several resources that the exynos octa gets way too hot and that a snapdragon 600 will replace it.
I was afraid they'd say 'twould ron on Tizen OS.

So, they're sticking with Andy!

Smartphone, Smartchoice, eh, Sammy?
be a part of family samsung...iphone why you burn our money...
Im gonna wait for the iPhone 6
I just bought note 2 like 4 days ago lol
Ill pick up the Xperia Z. Samsung us cool and all, but Sony is Sony. ;-) 
Huy Vo
Can't wait for it.
Its not worth..their strategy to get back some lost from apple. Im sure its expensive..what is wrong with s3? its battery suckkkk.
Dis is gonna be da bomb..... I love dis news
i cant wait no more to have such thing in my hands
Those specs! It's an absolute beast.
this is good can`t for this 1 (technology!!.........)
Not good, i just have my S3 then S4 is coming very soon:-(
I'm pissed cuz I just got the S3, now the S4 is about to come out. Smh
Got a note II in Dec. and can't imagine any phone topping this, the size is perfect. My wife's s2 and my old evo's feel like toys compared to this phone. The only thing I would consider improving is maybe pixel density and ditch the plastic. 
I will not be caught up in the buying a new phone every two weeks. I'm fine with my S3.
I wish Samsung totally eat the already half bitten apple this time. And yes I am an android fanboy. 
I'm kinda going towards android/Samsung. I like iOS and I also like Samsung so I'm neutral. 
amazing technology.....
next time...............
My S2 is still ticking along nicely. Just ordered a new battery for it to keep it going until the S5 or so, I figure. Considering phone prices are now in the laptop range, there's no way I'm going to go for a yearly upgrade cycle.
With those specs you won't need a phone for another 5 years, at least.

But, my HTC Desire is still working, so I'm good for now.
You are using a smartphone. Battery life will always be problem get over it. All phone has that problem ok
yes that's corret.......
Haha +Andrei Brănescu it's nice to hear about more people still using their HTC Desire :) I sold mine last year but tomorrow I'm meeting with a friend to install the Oxygen HBOOT and ROM on his Desire.  It's a great phone but suffers from lack of app space, the Oxygen HBOOT addresses this by repartitioning the storage and gives an extra 230MB off app space.  This may not seem like much to most viewers but it really makes a difference.  It's nice to keep tech going as long as it is useful.
Newer mind. Nothing special.
Can S4 hold under the water like Sony Xperia Z?
Whoa whoa.... I'm a have a galaxy orgasm! This is crazy! They should have launched in the 3rd or 4th quarter since the s3 and note 2 are still fairly new and awesome! But, hey Samsung go head with your bad self! 
Waited a lot for this moment
Its guna have tough competition this time round tho, the HTC one looks rather special!
ฟักยู กรูพึ่งถอยS3ไม่ถึง3เดือน
The only Man av heard speaking sense. Getting madly excited about the RELEASE DATE!!! Of a phone??? Aye they're good phones until yir out yir face and bounce it off someone's head. Then you have t cope with, what I find a cracking phone, Sony xperia. Award winning too. Does all am after from a phone
Any confirmations of price drop on the S III after S IV drops?
Not sure what this phone will be able to do that the NoteII or SGIII can't do. There is a point of diminishing returns. A case in point.. speed, for kicks I fired up my 3 year old Nexus1. I was amazed how fast that little phone is. I could barely tell the difference in speed between my NoteII and the Nexus1. Sure the screen is better on the former and storage is vastly increased but overall the N1 is still a usable phone. I'll stick with my NOTEII until something more noticeably and SIGNIFICANTLY better comes along. 
Great just got note2 and girlfriend s3 should of waited about return both still under the 30 return policy
This makes me happy. I went to Verizon wireless the other day to start researching my next phone. I asked when the next galaxy phone and the next note phone would come out. They all said it would be at least a year. WRONG AGAIN VERIZON! Hopefully with the s4 they release the note 3. Love the screen realty on the note 2. I've had an iPhone for the past 2 years, ready for some change. 
No need I will stick to s3 unless better option
+Liam Johnson dude! My note 1 died a few weeks back so while waiting for the international Oppo find 5, I went back to my old desire running cm7 and I was surprised as to how solid the phone is after a year of it being switched off!
Saul C
Announce not launch, how are you going to invite to a launch? Hey guys head to your nearest verizon store because we launch on the
It's great, i going to add in my task the next months we need it
Great! I can't wait for the S99 in 50 years.
I was a Samsung die-hard and a LG Hater, but the Nexus program has made me A BELIEVER...I'm all for S4 but the numbers and letters I'm waiting for are N5 :D
But since I save so much money on Solavei maybe I'll just get this phone just because.....I can't believe I used to think I could only update every 2 years after giving the carriers thousands of dollars....only to repeat the cycle again....NO CONTRACT FREEDOM BAY BAY
Selling S3 when this one launches. 
Veremos que sorpresas nos deparan...
Wow, I hope much more in it.....
Damn I want one ♥ waiting for 14th march now
... and I just got the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE ...
Now this???? ♡♡♥♡♡
I hv samsung galaxy s3 and note 2
Now I want s4 ♡♥♡

Hopefully released by end of March. If so I'll hold off on getting the HTC ONE till I see what the S4 has to offer.
+Brian Blunk really apple ?
You crazy or wt ...
Note 2 is 1000000 times better than iphone 5 
How can anyone say anything about this phone . no one has a clue what it looks like, or what's in it? I bet when they see it they'll be drooling.
I really don't care about the screen size
have a note 2, waiting for note 3 with the supposed 6.3" screen :D
Well congratulations
Apparently u dont know nothing about phones ...
U shud google it sometime
* note2 vs iphone 5* you will get ur ans
I phone android argument is OVER. Android takes the cake for smartphones. 
For ur kind info note 2 is multi media phone and iphone 5 sux 
iphone 5? people still buy those?
Which amazing features are Samsung goin to launch again? ....I m very excited!
Okay I mean they didn't do that, they said they were having a press release. Sure it's pretty obvious that it's going to be an S4 launch, but you're journalists. You're supposed to report the facts, not the obvious. 
13 mp camera from samsung is wt im waiting for n unbreakable screen
Well many people love apple so suck it
Apple is better u just like Samsung for the over sized screen that's what my iPad is for
They will reveal it only after complete verification and satisfaction amongst people......
Lol and gs3 screen so weak she has a ballistics case droped it face first ha even with a case weak as ever I've dropped his face first 3 times otter box case nothin Samsung weak poorly made phones
Noah G.
Too many galaxys in a year. 1000s of people already have sII and sIII so why not wait a year?
Noah G.
Dropped a galaxy sII in the snow no case it looked as if nothing had happened #galaxys2
The HTC One is going to be the best device this year.
Dang. But im still n love with my gs3. 
I think it's just to early in the market an it technology. I mean the s3 really isn't that old an most people that have one are still enjoying it. Then theirs some people like above that havnt to long bought the note 2. I honestly think they should have waited another like 6 months. That way maybe it could have got more hyped up an people could get tired of their devices. 
Pass nexus 4.....yeaaaah baby 
+Paul Johnston no not an official one from any carrier yet. You can however get it from the aokp rom. I'm currently running 4.2.2 rootbox aokp an enjoying it. 
pull the trigger.move it!
4.9 inch screen? Hope not. I like to carry my pocket, anything past 4.5 makes bending my legs impossible. 
Ha I just got the s2 and it's plenty of phone for me. People get too caught up in having to have new stuff all of the time. It's sure makes it easy for these companies to able money out of peoples' pockets without being very inventive.
I want iiit, well I will sell my galaxy s3, 2 days b4 lol
Well I agree that these cellphones release are way too early when we have our galaxy 3 or galaxy note 2 , when these phones are awesome I really guess I'll pass for the moment and get it in June or july lol
I want it so bad but i guess ill wait until the next iteration after this so i can get it for a good price with an upgrade. My S3 is still eating apples all day long.
Ohh!!amazing..good to hear..eagerly waiting..
Ok cool news but, gay at the same time I just got the S3....
Can't wait but I gotta be honest the HTC One looks hot 
Apple users are just that & stay that way. They want to be cousin Billy's bitch forever. Not me I rather have something less proprietary. You can't even change your own battery without going to an Apple store. What's up with that?
Galaxy s3 serves my needs. Why would I need a s4?
Going to be amazing if it's better the gs3

If it is much bigger than the gs3, they are going to have to call it the note 3
The utility on the Note2 is amazing. Just picked one up a week ago. I think it is going to have the same internals as the Note2. I dont think the 8core chip will see the light of day for a while...
You mean unveiled I doubt it will be out on sale next month 

I just picked up the S3 maybe now my wife will be able to trade her IPhone in for the S4.

Ive had my galaxy S2 X for 5-6 months .. Not even thinkin bout an upgrade yet it does everything . I use mine for everything video calls multiple email accts since my laptop was stolen
Can't wait for its release. So i can buy S3 for super cheap price. :)
I can't wait Web galaxy s4 comes out I was saving money for Samsung galaxy s3 but now I could get s4
Just when i bought the GS3 that's ridiculous....damn
I can't wait Web galaxy s4 comes out I was saving money for Samsung galaxy s3 but now I could get s4
Feel bad for anyone who bought an S3 within the last few weeks
I can't wait Wensamsung galaxy s4 comes out I was saving money for Samsung galaxy s3 but now I could get s4
Looking forward to the upcoming new Galaxy Nexus
I just got my galaxy 3 so I won't get a new one. My friends have new HTC's and love them. I'm al Aandroid all the way. Much better phones tha iphones.
Samsung phones are good. But no way near the quality of apple phones
I love to see my iphone4s all day long. 
dont forget to release jelly bean update for note1. i have been waiting for it a year now. 
Brilliant. First time ever my partner is gonna have latest phone. 
I just got a galaxy s3....
Phil B
Will wait for the 5 I just got the 3
Come on guys, you're looking like isheep, getting all excited even though you know nothing about the specs, size, price, etc.. 
I been dealing with HTC since the first evo but now I think its time to switch over to Samsung 
Hmm just got a free upgrade from verizon too. Maybe because they want me to get off their unlimited data plan? 
Oh yeah!!!!! But I'm not waiting in line.
Big discount expected for galaxy s3 users
Battery problems for the S3?
Not for me.
I got the 4200mAh battery at £30 and now I never even think about my power failing.

Thing is though, will the S4 need a bigger battery too?
Even so, it looks to be a beast if a device that will probably be tech proof for a long time.
I'm on a rooted Gs3 running Aokp 4.2.2 And battery is running great 1.5 days of decent use. I will do the same to Gs4.
Jun Lee
i bet this phone was designed like 4 years ago, and that more phones yet to be released will be being designed
Jannie Crosby 9610 Kennedy Ave Cleveland Ohio 44104

I have not seen anything that makes me feel I need an upgrade from my S2 yet.

Most of us (the Galaxy operators) are using s3. Therefore the price of s4 should be affordable us to buy especially we the Africans. Galaxy made for humans.
I just bought HTC droid DNA. So I will keep it. 
i'll stick with my s3 because it still running topnotch with PA Rom :-) 
kurtis kelly, whats ssssooooo big about the upgrades then that will make me part with hundreds of my hard earned lollies to upgrade..
For who just got iphone5 or S3!!! Indeed, it a little too soon to release an other new model, I think Samsung is trying to makes more ppl switch to Samsung from apple, then ppl will forget how easy to use apple as was, they might not go back apple! Brave 
The S4 will be announced not launched. And yes Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony and basically everyone else have a yearly refresh cycle. Simply dont buy phones on contract and sell used phones after a year to renew them: Problem solved.
That moment you get the best phone on the market just in time to hear about it's replacement next month
good! I m about to change my old device.... be hurry! 
I gt s3 and im happi with it im so luky im 14 and im on a £36 a month contarace soo luky

Nt really galaxy is going to be a hit its on the top so far 
I'll wait for the S5 to come out 3 seconds later.
So does this mean the S3 won't see anymore updates? Fuck you Samsung!
Hard to believe. I think I might be a rumour
I can't wait for this phone to come out
...yet Apple will announce some trivial, worthless piece of news, and all the salivating piece of crap media outlets will jump all over it and the S4 launch will fizzle out.
That will be a gift for my wife
Benji s
Nexus 4 much better buy
They will announce the SGS4 in March. But before it's released you should get to see the X Phone in May, and that is the phone I'm waiting to see.
yay... great to hear. cant wait to get my hands on one
+Jorge Roberts there is no reason for that. its not like its the iPhone everyone is happy about. i love the htc evo but ive been a samsung for along time and i have no problem goin switchen if needed... but u dont need to act like that. thanks
Now the galaxy got a brushed finish on the back 
If the speculation is true in that wait is over. I won't even wait for the Google/moto phone. Those specs are leaps over anything and would make the brand new HTC One look old
People with the GS3 and the Note 2 DO NOT NEED TO UPGRADE, I say this is def for people with an S2 . I'm enjoying my GS3 and most likely getting the GS4.
If they can include insane battery life (note 2), some waterproofing (Xperia Z), front speakers (HTC one), some flexi glass along with the other standard stuff then it will be definitely worth a look.
Trey I agree way to soon im just now really enjoying my s3 quit outdating a good thing for another quick million over million sales. I understand money but were talking Samsung probably not hurting for a buck at the moment!!...
Oh wow, right after I just finally got about 90% familiar with my S3, they come out with this behemoth??...I'm ready though! Lol I can't wait
There not adding anything new that's not already in the s3 
The Galaxy phones are just Amazing period!! The only phones that can truly embarrass the iPhone! Go Android!!!!!
Rudy M
I won't be able to upgrade my phone for another 18 months.  GS6!
Ok frist off we all know If apple had this size screen you would want apple. apple has better technology but a smaller screen we all know u use that shitty galaxcy S for the screen   if iphones had that screen size o wow lets convert to apple samsucgs out of buisness and apple is then the best
Okay! Instead of screen size, let's compare the two Operating systems ios6 vs jelly bean! They are really miles apart and provide different features! Android is more flexible, while your iPhone is reliable! But the Galaxy sets the bar, when it comes to differentiating itself from the iphone! 
In terms of customization and personalization! Widgets, Multi-window, Swype, Different fonts, Different variations of Keyboards, Custom rom launchers, Google Now and Google Maps! Which is waaay different than Apple's Google maps! The Android version is still better! Because it provides more options and information!
Then you have the display technology, which is Retina Display vs Super HD AMOLED... Retina display has been out for quite awhile and has remained unchanged since its introduction by Steve jobs! Samsung's technology is still relatively New and has more potential, since they are implementing it in the flexible displays, and have been called the future of display technology!
How does an Open Operating system offer less?! It's less restrictive than Apple's Closed Operating system!
That's nice! But now with Safe technology, that argument is not valid anymore! But I do see your point! I can tell you are very knowledgeable in this! 
md murtoja love this phone
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