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The FBI is finding new ways to eavesdrop on social media. Here's what you need to know:
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If I were +CNET, I'd delete your comment in a heartbeat +Douglas Gentry.  The reason they post links to other sources is to get more site traffic, which you're defeating the purpose of.  If you fail to understand the objection, then you have absolutely zero understanding of SEO or social media marketing.

If you feel it useful to cut and paste and entire article, do it on your own page.
"Social" by definition is NOT private..  
USe G+, they don´t just give away your info.
Maybe +Douglas Gentry is new to the internet. My nana printed off 600 pages from Wikipedia and then sent them to me cause she still doesn't understand how email works and she didn't want the articles to get lost in "space" as she put it. +DeAno Jackson we just have to be patient with him. He'll get it someday.
+Douglas Gentry thank you. Unlike other individuals I appreciate it and will not be crying about a site that can deal with its own postings, traffic considering it has done just fine w/out G+ to begin with nor worry about having to take that extra second to fast scroll past a post that is "very long". surely beats out having to open a browser which defeats my needing an app just to open a browser to see more info that should already be there to begin with.
Repeat: Social by definition is NOT private..  If the FBI can watch me at a park or on the street, why do I care if they watch my online social activities...
I appreciate it +Douglas Gentry . I'm reading this on my phone and it much easier and quicker to read the article here, than to have the phone browser open up. Thank you.
well i guess that also means that i can safely assume someone next to me isn't using social media to pull some wacko chit at any given moment!! thank gawd.
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