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Quad-core doesn't always mean faster. +Jessica Dolcourt explains why.
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is a car with 10 cylinders always faster than one with 4? No. How hard can it be to understand this?
Depends. A quadcore from tegra will be faster than the dual core from the same company :). A dual core from Qualcomm might be faster than the Tegra 3 because they are using a different technology
+Ernest Marvin Esteban This is exactly the point of the story? And Tegra isn't a manufacturer, it's an SoC from NVIDIA. NVIDIA could come out with a dual core Tegra 4 with ARM Cortex-A15 core that would be faster than Tegra 3, so it really isn't that simple.
And it also isn't all about CPU power, but also the GPU included in the SoC. At least when gaming and synthetic benchmarking apps are concerned.
So in summary .... quad cores are not that good because the iphone is not quad core

Presumably the article will be rewritten once Apple release a quad core phone "Seven reasons why quad core phones are the fastest" and the "7" may even be written "seven" too
That's true. Windows phone runs way faster than the iPhone even with a single processor. It depends on the OS. Android is way better.
+Kevin Nguyễn WP devices also have less features and they can't play similar games or even HD video because they have no power for them.
+Esa Edvik Windows phone has more features than iPhone. The only thing it lacks is apps and dual core processor. That's all. I hope Windows phone take over iPhone.
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