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Would you wear an Apple watch? Here's this week's 'Rumor Has It'
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If they look like those pictured, count me out. 1985 called and wants its Swatch back.
Wasn't another company doing this already?
Will W.
Lol. Nope. But I'm sure lots of middle school girls will want one. 
It depends. If it's any good.
J.Crew Timex military watch for life.
Yes if it incorporates everything I want into it for a relative reasonable price! 
No, but I would wear google glass.
+Kiewan Dorch I would have to try it first, seems like they would cause a blind spot on the one side, I just wish they were symmetrical.
Do I need to sync it with iTunes?...cause if
Only watch I will ever wear is a Swiss Army. I don't even wear that anymore, cuz I have an Android superphone.
+Jessica Janiuk It Apple were are talking about of course they will make u sync it with icloud & itunes. And, anything else u don't want.
"iWatch" sounds like the reason someone has a restraining order against you.
+Vinay Goel I disagree. While I see what you're saying about iCloud, if you have any photos on your computer that you want to put on your iPad or music that isn't already in iCloud, then yes, you do have to sync with iTunes to get them on your iDevice.
I wouldn't have no need to.
+Vinay Goel I'll have to try it next time I decide to put photos on the iPad. In the past, I've had problems with large data transfers when syncing in iTunes. So hopefully this works better.
I cannot wear an apple watch ....I love too much watches :)
I wouldn't wear any watch, Apple has "jumped the shark" if they intro a watch.
I wouldn't. If I'm going to spend $800 on a watch, it's going to be an automatic made by somebody other than a crying Chinese child. 
guys for get about this because everything apple makes is either ok(low) or terrible
android is better
good glad they are doing this (rumored), kinda bummed when they removed the clip from the ipod nano, i still use mine all the time. and they could really refine it to a good watch im sure
And how long after it gets released will be told "your wearing it wrong"? and be told we should naturally be wearing watches on our ankles to get signal...
I don't need any shit with a fruit assigned back.
Looks more like what is Justin Bieber fan would wear.

No, I don't see what it could offer me that an iPhone (or in my case Galaxy phone) can't. Plus, to me time-pieces are just for fashion now, as again, I have a number of ways to check what time it is. 
Airplay music streaming, GPS tracking (with Nike+), clock (duh), radio, ATV remote, etc. i could see some possibilities for watch wearers. 

although i dont wear them
Aren't these just ipod nano's, the older ones with wrist bands. I used to see these all the time. 
Sticking with my Casio and Fossil watches. I have 3 watches, just like to trade off for variety.
already do. last gen ipod nano with lunatik metal wristband. built in nike+ and fm radio with podcast support and photo viewer. yeah, it's pretty neat. ;)
Is it free with new iphone to be launched... Bt no way to wear it 
didn't Android have this already for a year or more now?
Well it depends on the price really
I might consider if it gives value added to my day to day productivity. Otherwise its better for Apple to stay away from watches.
Via Bluetooth it should have phone finder, call alert, email notification, possible calling, voice to text search, remote operation of smart phone, waterproof, gps, heart rate monitor, temperature, weather etc.

Yes please!
I wouldn't wear an Apple T-Shirt! Let alone a watch.
I like the colors and i think its a great concept for Apple Inc to launch.
Sony already failed at this and you can find great options for iPod Nano watch bands (which have a digital clock)
Wow.... Apple happy to steal other people's ideas and play catch-up yet again? Sony Ericsson already did it and a few others are on the very near horizon too.

CNET.... Forget it's Apple for once and look at it objectively.
If it gave me notifications and basic control for my iPhone and iPad, maybe even my Mac, I would TOTALLY buy it. I would spend $150 on it
I would not wear an Apple watch. I wear a Stührling watch and I use Android products. 
Looks more like a lady thing not really for guys I say 
+David Hay so why can't apple enter the market like anyone else? Apple hasn't even talke about this let alone confirm it.

you should try reading things more objectively 
+ Daniel Rodgers. So wouldn't you be a Android Sheep then?
If the "cool" people start wearing these things I dont have a choice but to start wearing it also because I'm an iFollower.
+Danny Bussiere Well.. Danny, 
I also did not invent shoes, or tea, or fire, or underwear. Does that make me a stfuFollower?
No it would not Ilya. But youre not mocking or commenting on those products are you.
On a Metawatch you download one app, you get ALL and ANY notification your phone gets sent to your watch.  Plus even without recharging the MetaWatch lasts me a good 5-10 days.

Touchscreen and colorscreen are just a gimick to me. I can look at my watch in direct sunlight and see everything without any glares and washed out colors.

Now this is one smart watch I'll be proud to display.

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