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‘If you’re in the market for a new TV, hold off. Apple has a new product coming and it’s going to be hot.' --Top Apple analyst


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In other words, they haven't accomplished a quality product "just yet" and they're trying to create a buzz
The revolution is coming and it will be amazing.
I doubt this tv will be "amazing"
As in heating problems? That makes sense...
Not a whole hell of a lot of programming worth watching these days anyway, Apple or not.
I agree mike mostly watch tv shows on Netflix and game of thrones on HBO go
if not for them I would have cancelled cable a while ago
Maybe it's an accesory which can use you iPhone or New Pad to project video onto any wall or celine.
Without Jobs hyping it I doubt it will fly off the shelfs. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring him back in hologram for the initial campaign.
The iRack, it's a shelving system, that is a little unstable at first. And it has rumors of nasty weapons hidden on it somewhere.
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