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Help! I'm having a tech dilemma. My sister generously got me a Nook Tablet as a surprise! But so far I haven't fallen in love with it (not to mention my makes snapping noises). There are things I like about it but I'm having one major hang up... apps.

Here are the apps through +Barnes & Noble Not very uhm... lets just say every app I've looked for isn't there.

I just talked to an online chat person who said The apps can only be installed on the NOOK Tablet's internal memory and not on a memory card and you can only use apps from Barnes and Noble. I know people root them but that voids the warranty and my sister got me a two year warranty.

Then I asked if any more apps were coming (I'm not paying 3 bucks for a Fake Facebook app) and he said As for any upcoming apps we do not have that information but you may refer to this page for a list of apps available (link above) .

So anyone have a Nook Tablet? What do you think? If I decide to keep it I'll have to start side loading all my google books (and read all my kindle books on the pc).
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If you root the tablet you can access the regular android app market (Google Play Store) as well as tweak the user interface to your hearts content. Don't like the sounds? You can disable them. Don't like the look? You can change it to anything from looking like an over sized android phone to a fully functional android tablet. I agree that B&N took a great device and crippled it, however there are still ways to make it an extremely functional and versatile device.
Thanks +Rich Gilchrest and +Rob Phillips. I'm figuring out the pros and cons for me right now and going to the +Barnes & Noble store tonight either to return it or to have them check out my loose cover.

I've been going back and forth about it and if it wasn't a present I don't think I would've bought it myself. I like the hardware and the idea of rooting it but really don't want to void the two year warranty she got. Err!
The Nook only really becomes functional after rooting, imho.
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