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Explore the mysteries of our Universe!

Update: Full videos of the Hangout are available on YouTube
Part 1:
Part 2:

Join a very special Google+ Hangout On Air! On Wednesday, 15th February, from a cavern 100 meters underneath France, you will have a rare chance to see where some of the world’s highest-energy particle physics experiments take place and ask questions of the scientists who conduct them.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is the world’s biggest and most powerful particle accelerator, spanning the border between Switzerland and France. The LHC accelerates protons to nearly the speed of light and then smashes them together inside detectors like CMS some 40 million times a second to produce fantastic particles, many of which haven’t been around since the Big Bang.

Physics professor Dr. Joe Incandela will take your questions from deep underground in the cathedral-sized CMS experimental cavern, in front of the 14,000-tonne particle detector. Joe will be joined by post-doctoral researcher Dr. Sue Ann Koay from the CMS Control Room, the nerve centre of the experiment.

Do you have questions about the Higgs boson? Are you surprised by the idea of Supersymmetry? Do you wonder if our Universe is limited to three dimensions of space? Send us your questions in comments below and tell us why you would like to be a part of our Hangout.

Be sure to add +CMS Experiment to your circles to participate!

Important details
Host location: The CMS Underground eXperimental Cavern (UXC), ~100 m underground, Cessy, France (
Streaming live on the Google+ +page:
Date: Wednesday, 15th February 2012
Time: 19:00 – 20:00 Central European Time (UTC +1) | 10:00 – 11:00 Pacific Standard Time (UTC –8) | Start times around the world:

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Hi, I'm a Physics student from India and I am really fascinated by the the LHC and its quest to uncover the foundations of the universe itself....
I would really like to know how the Higgs boson and the Higgs field that is propagates actually gives particles their mass and the working behind this mechanism and would really love to join the Hangout.
Thanks : )
Aesthetics - the reactions are not symmetrical like a snowflake - if the collision is direct, does a symmectrical result occur? The visuals so far appear random.
Looks like the death star laser...
Having this "on Air" would be much appreciated as then more people could watch.
This is wonderful! Thanks in advance, im sure it is gonna be great fun and quite interesting event.
We have been looking for the the Higgs boson for eight months in hangouts. So far all we have found is laughter, love and happiness.
I visited the LHC in 2007 and so was underground... amazing place !!!...awaiting the results asap :-D
I am wishing all the scientists to make it successful. As we are waiting for the great moment.
OMG someone call Sheldon or it's the second valentines Cern meetup he'll miss :)
Hope to be there
sheldon from the big bang theory ?
This is a fantastic idea! Just what the internet should be used for.
Will this be on air? I'm just a writer, I probably don't have an intelligent question, but I am deeply curious, and I'm sure many others are, too.
I'm a philosophy Ph.D. student at the university of Freiburg, Germany. My subject's research it is the time. I'd love so to participate in the hangout!
Although a brilliant experiment... end of the world as we know it lol
Hi CMS. :] Long time fan here. I have a physics B.S. and have studied a lot of QFT and related physics on my own since... basically I would be really interested to ask some questions about search strategies, triggers, analyses and that sort of thing. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
Would like to hear some more on the extreme measures you have to take to get this thing running. Just remembered the trouble you had with one of the segments and the weeks (months?) it to to just slowly uncool it and then cool it again after the repair.
Great ! And what's about an earthquake during the experiment ? Recently we had a tiny one in Switzerland...
From my sons, Faran and Conall:

Faran: "I'm a nine year old boy and I am really fascinated by physics and that is why I would like to be part of the hangout."
Conall: I have been doing physics since I was 5 and I like physics so that is why I would like to be part of the hangout. (He is 8)
I'm science fan and programmer, and I'm curious to know what kind of calculations analysis you do for each collition patern and how you split the result data so fast from all sensors and detectors to the computation grid. It's really amazing!
I'm actually a doctoral student in business but have also had a soft spot for physics and am always fascinated to read about what CERN is doing (even though I'm not too technically sound)...was very intrigued by the superluminal results of the OPERA experiment....
Thank you CMS team and CERN for again bringing big science and advance particle physics to the world's population
This thing is Optimus Prime @ his day job
psion x
It'll be interesting!
If you are chosen to join the Hangout as a participant, you will be added to our circles and will receive a message asking you to join a test Hangout tomorrow to make sure the equipment and connection handle fine.

This test will be carried out before 17:00 CET / 08:00 PST.
What do you know so far about DARK MATTER ?
What about the Multi-Universes theory as start of the Big Bang (our universe) ?

Thanks +CMS Experiment for giving us this chance.
While I don't understand 1/100 of what you're doing, just being able to watch this live will be enjoyable. I've enjoyed learning physics via books (Audible books mostly) but just knowing that you're all pushing the limits of what we know is exciting.

Also hoping that you find evidence for Gravity seeping into other dimensions soon, and get closer to proving string theory(m-theory or whatever the current version is called) :D
My son is a physics geek and would like to know how the +CMS Experiment team will know when they've found the gravitron. Unfortunately, he won't be able to join the hangout, as he will be in school, but we will definitely watch the recap after it is over.
Hi there. At the moment I am in Jakarta-Indonesia. Can you enlighten by giving the time I need to stand-by here for 19.00-20.00hrs your time? Would like to Hang Out On Air #1 with CMS group on 15th if possible! Tks: M
Jules R
I would love to be part of it..... thank you so much CMS Experiment for allowing us to watch and giving us this incredible chance.......
Hello, I'm an 8th grade student in the USA and this sounds fascinating. I've heard about the LHC and Higgs Boson before and I'm super fascinated by it. This hangout would be a really cool and interesting experience that I would love to be a part of. What better way to learn physics and stuff than from a scientist at CERN? Even though I don't understand a lot of it, hopefully you'll be able to answer some of my questions so that I can go and research on my own. Thanks!
Hi, I'm one a SSC refugee. When it was cancelled, I had to find a real job, and wound up in a .com in the 1990s. I still like physics though.
We live in Waxahachie, TX and still see signs of what the SSC was supposed to be. Pity it was cancelled.
+Jonathan Jeter well, I never made it to texas, or even managed to start. I was to do a graduate degree at Carleton with a professor, doing SSC stuff, but when it got canned, it said screw it and was gone from academia. We called him the Wizard of Ogg.
Hi! I am a president of Society of Physics Students chapter at University of Rochester. Many of us (undergrad physics and non physics majors) are extremely interested in particle physics of which we know either from faculty seminars or courses. This hang out is a great opportunity for us to learn about LHC and CSM in great detail and may even help some of current physics majors at U of R to decide what branch of physics they would like to pursue in the future! In addition, not every undergrad has an opportunity to go to CERN and we have at most three summers to find out what field in physics we should chose in graduate school and this is why on behalf of SPS here at UR I want to thank CSM for organizing hangouts like this. This will is a super valuable resource of information for physics students and just general public and similar hangouts should be adopted by all major scientific facilities around the world. Thank you!!
I need matter to write my poems, the smaller the matter, the better!
How badly would the Standard Model be undermined if no 124 -7 GeV/c2 is found? Is there any hint of another mechanism to account for mass? I know the SM has been revised - - which then agreed with observations of mass interactions to mediate electromagnetic force(and gauge particles W and Z) and predicted the Higgs boson.
Are undiscovered quark pairings or another mechanism possible to retain the Higgs field and validate(more) the SM?

I liked high energy as a career path, but actually deviated from attaining a Science Degree, so forgive my layman's understanding. Or did I already give away my layman's standing?
This is the coolest thing I could ever imagine, fantastic opportunity. THANKS!!
BEYOND AMAZING ... truly mind blowing stuff ... i want to participate!
It would be nice if you could upload the Hangout to Youtube afterwards.
Could you explain at least the basics of quantum mechanics/theory?
What is happening with the situation in which Albert Einstein might be wrong, with CERN supposedly having measured neutrinos going faster than the speed of light? Is there any new evidence in support of or against this experiment's validity?
How is the higher dimensions aspect of the origin of the Universe working out? How do we visualize higher dimensions?
How does supersymmetry and quantum entanglement work?
Hi Daniel Choi. I watch a blog that discusses most of what you ask, very beautifully.
Here is a recent post on the FTL neutrino experiments:
The neutrinos from the 1987A supernova arrive to Earth corresponding with normal light speed, but would have arrived weeks or months earlier, relative to the visible detection of the explosion, if they traveled faster by the amount the OPERA experiment reported, so it is looking okay for Relativity so far! That blog may have exact answers for your questions if you can search the site. It's my favorite astrophysics place, by far!
Hi Mike Laing. Thanks a lot for the link.
I would like to join, because I am tech geek, buddhist, relatively informed about the state of current physics and generally interested in the experiment. I have to figure out on a cam though :-)
I im really interested in participating ... how do i do so?
Yes, how exactly are we supposed to watch this? Also, how long will this take?
Dave B
Hi, I would love to be part of this, not just because it could be one of the most important scientific discoveries in a century, but because of where it could lead us in the future. I am slightly in favour of Higgs existing and being proved rather than being disproved and not existing as this would mean that this book is finished and we have to start a completely new one and I don't believe that we could get this far into a new one in my lifetime! So, come oooooon Higgs, show yourself,.....and bring along some supersymmetry glimpses while your at it........
What was before the big bang?
Rithorical question, though, I hope we'll figure it out once.
After Ximo Poveda's ATLAS Teleconferance yeaterday which showed where not to look for SUSY how confident are the teams on finding the Higgs and SUSY?
I was wondering what kinds of mathematics, other than statistics and elementary calculus, are needed by the teams in CMS. Does any abstract algebra, topology, non-euclidean geometry play a role in how we understand the standard model and the higgs?
I studied physics 30 years a ago, trying to catch up now...
Participated the webcast about the Higgs last year and I would like to follow up.
there are N dimensions everywhere
N in terms of maths is infinity
Questions for the Hangout:
Are the results of Atlas and CMS for the Higgs fully in line ?
What percentage of collisions pointing to the Higgs do you observe ?
I suspect that this is a pretty low figure so how can be sure that these are not artifacts ?
Do you have any experiences in mind regarding creacting dark matter in a partivcle accelerator?
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What a pleasure to meet Dr Incandela and Dr Koay! My question is How Can the +CMS Experiment prove or disprove the theory of Multiverses? ... Sincere best wishes to the CMS Team for a stunning success! cc: +Achintya Rao
great idea. looking forward to it -- not seeing any stream yet though
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i am new to g+ and have no idea what to do here. can anyone help me?
dark matters are created in a particle accelerator, it is like the black hole, any matter which is created and does not obsorb or transmit light is considered dark
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If the Higgs field determines all masses, does it also determine gravity? Is it coherent with the purely geometric explanation of gravity by the general relativity theory?
its been around for awhile i remember reading about it in popular mechanics mag plusi've studied it quite intensely its like playing god all over it seems
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