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Second Hangout live!

Update: Full videos of the Hangout are available on YouTube
Part 1:
Part 2:
Google+ is hanging out with 7 people right now in a live Hangout On Air!
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I keep getting URL not found message and can't get in to watch part II although I saw part I.
Wish I could attend- sadly, at work
Are any of you able to click on the Google+ link above and go to the +Google+ page?
tanja d
Thank you so much for both research that you do and this knowledge sharing. The hangout was very valuable and inspiring, I really appreciate your initiative.
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Hi! Thank you very much for hosting this event! It felt like we were there with you! Please do such hangouts more often, as they are very enlightening! Sorry, if our question about black holes was silly, we actually were wondering not of physics and impossibility of those events, but rather about what was your reaction among yourselves when that question came up? Like, how did scientists reacted?
Anyway, thank you very much again! On behalf of University of Rochester undergraduates, big thanks!!!
1 thing about hangouts, only pick people with decent audio sets, echos and audio loops are really bad, u just need a simple headset to not have that.
Hope you can save it for us that live down-under. Just so early in the morning here.
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