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I've been following +Shu-Ju Wang's epic work. Very impressive! And this is a great example of how artists can respond to crucial problems affecting us all. Look for her earlier posts to see additional entries in this collection #futureDictionaryofWater
#futureDictionaryOfWater, Lacwater, submitted by Gigi Little -- "(ˈlakwädər) — n. Regret. From English lack and water. At one time defined specifically as the universal shame of mankind over its role in the depletion of the world's water supply, this word later came to be used simply as a synonym for regret." This is the first abstract idea in the #FutureDictionaryOfWater. It was a challenge to get across an emotion rather than a thing, which the other words have been, all various types or states of water. As it turns out, "regret" is symbolized by the common rue (a drought tolerant plant with yellow flowers), although apparently, it's unrelated to the other "rue" which also means regret. (I do wonder that the two words are not related though.). And "sorrow" is symbolized by a dry white rose. And the stone woman...well, clearly, she contains no water there.

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Three cheers for the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety helicopter rescue team who rescued 17 hikers this week from monsoon-flooded Tanque Verde Creek. A wall of water came down the wash and flooded the creek in a few seconds. Here you see a four-year old boy rescued. Next they brought up his dad. Last week an extended family of 10 died when washed away in a similar flood north of Payson. Respect the monsoon waters!

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Okay, I'm convinced.
You, too? +mirta noemí ruíz

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The bright spot in my day comes very early when Sunday the pit bull and I take a long walk. Here you see a favorite walk. This is Alamo Wash (arroyo in Spanish, wadi in Arabic) on the right. The trees with yellow blossoms are blue palo verde. Alamo Wash opens into the Rillito River, and there's the Santa Catalina Mountains in the background. Sunday (left) is waiting for me. She likes those walls because that's where the lizards are. She loves to chase lizards. Lizard-chasing is a serious sport for dogs who live in the Sonoran Desert.
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I'm giving away 10 free copies of my new paperback book American Community Colleges: The International Student's Guide (2017) to international students who would be willing to write a brief review of my book on Email me cjshane.mail @ or contact me through G+.
Description of what's in this book:
American community colleges are a great choice for international students seeking higher education in the United States. This book will guide you through the process of becoming a community college student, help you to achieve your academic and career goals, and save you a lot of money!
Topics covered are:
• how community colleges fit into the U.S. system of higher education
• the advantages of starting your American education at a community college
• the steps you must go through to study at an American community college
• key factors to consider when choosing an American community college such as transfer agreements
• the process of applying to and gaining entrance into a community college
• the process of applying for a U.S. visa including required forms
• the forms needed when arriving in the U.S. and passing through U.S. customs
• choosing classes at your community college and how to register for those classes
• how to get help improving your English-language skills
• basics about living in America, including housing, transportation, and medical care
• American culture and how to deal with culture shock
• profiles of seven American community colleges in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Texas
• commentary by international students currently studying at American community colleges
Includes glossary of terms and index.

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an important issue....some amazing art
Thank you for watching The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human. I'm grateful to our videographer, Christopher Brown.

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Hot hot is this!

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Congratulations to Tucson artist +Ruben Moreno for his new mural. If you want to know more about Ruben and his artwork, here is a video on Sonoran Arts Network (scroll down) from the summer of 2013. Video by Ryn Shane-Armstrong. I hope this means that Ruben is finally starting to get the attention he deserves.

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Water wins! Warriors win! America wins!

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Before we get too far away from Thanksgiving, here is my latest blog The Art of Thanksgiving. The blog has commentary and art by Thomas Nast (1869), Will Bradley (1898), Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1914), and Jean Louis Gerome Ferris (1915) depicting various views of Thanksgiving. Access the blog here: . Below you see Thomas Nast's view which has been described as "utopian" because there were people not usually seen at the Thanksgiving table at that time...and for a long time after....Chinese, blacks, Hispanic, and women (note the University Suffrage sign). Nast was way ahead of his time.
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