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(highlights from article on Walmart and it's efforts to be GREEN) With [the environmental groups'] endorsements and the flood of positive press that seems to follow each of Walmart’s green announcements, the company has managed to turn around flagging poll numbers, shift its labor practices out of the limelight, and, most crucially, crank up its expansion machine.”

Greenwashing isn’t new, nor is it, in the case of Walmart, particularly surprising. The company has waged public relations battles with everyone from labor unions to anti-sprawl advocates for decades. Neither is it fair to say that companies with suspect motives are incapable of doing good things.

What are Walmart’s intentions with it's green efforts? Are they rooted in a shrewd public relations strategy or the desire to maximize financial returns or even a spirit of environmental good will?
Over the past several years, Walmart — the largest retailer in the United States by a factor of, well, a lot — has paraded out a series of sustainability initiatives, from energy efficient lighting in its stores to, more recently, a much-touted effort to bring fresh food to urban areas. More than a few environmentalists have been won over, citing the power of the behemoth retailer to move suppliers, distributors and others in its supply chain tow...
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