I just finished reading Marie Manucherhri's book, "Intuitive Self-Healing". It's a book that reminds me of the endless possibilities and innovations in the medical field beyond what we understand today.

Marie's book reminded me of a recent conversation with a medical doctor in a class who works with worker comp injuries. He said that his clinic specialized in care of those 5-10% that defy all rational and logic explanations of Western medicine and treatment. His clinic included a PT, psychologist, nutritionist, and him (Trained Doc).

His assessment is that most of these medical anomalies (unexplained illnesses that were not treatable or recurrent) had to do with an illness of the soul. It was the body's shout out that something in the person's behavior was not in alignment with the person's truth.

Marie's book is filled with examples of people who cannot find resolution to a medical illness in hopes that she has an answer. The format of the book is a simply understood description of various energy systems in the body, some quick and more advanced self-healing Marie Manucherhri is a registered nurse who worked years in an Oncology department. Her incredible gift is being able to live in both the worlds of conventional Western medicine and using her gifts in intuition into tuning into the soul.

What do you think about alternative medicine? Believer or disbeliever? I'm a believer having had been convinced I couldn't run anymore due to a car injury and then with 4 acupuncturist visits being cured (and still running 10 years later). However, diversity of opinion is what makes all of us stronger... so, send me your thoughts. Curious what +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran , +Shelly Immel , and +Deborah Nystrom have to say :) Want to hear from dissenters to, but not sure who you may be.. .so speak freely people.

I'll be talking to her tomorrow at 4:15EST(1:15-2:00 PST). You can listen to the show by clicking on WBLQ icon and "listen Live" section on the right hand side of the post.
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