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CJ Liu

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Got a conflict at work or home? Want some unconventional solutions based on the Tao? Check it out. Robert Rosenbaum is a lovely person with a warm smile and a great big heart.
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CJ Liu

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GOTTA QUESTION:  I have NY times best selling author and neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson on this Wed from 1-2PST.  Post any questions you have on his book "Hardwiring Happiness".  It's a great book.  Lots of really interesting info on the brain.
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CJ Liu

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Have you been dragging your feet on a project, business idea, or some creative endeavor?  Here are 5 tips from a LA-based coach that helps creative types in Hollywood.  What do you think? Will these tips work for you?  They are  simple and powerful.

+Samantha Bennett 
Monique Muhlenkamp
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CJ Liu
Thanks for your time :) +Samantha Bennett .  
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CJ Liu

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Hi, +CJ Liu. Just finished listening to the radio broadcast. It was wonderful.

Are you acquainted with Toby Hemenway? Your discussion of domestication with Don Miguel Jr. reminded me of Hemenway, who describes agriculture as "The Domestication of Humans." Hemenway would be a tremendous guest on your program — look him up. If you want links to learn more about him, I can provide you with a few. Just ask.
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CJ Liu

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CJ Liu
I talk to a bunch of incredible folks lately and more great folks to come.  I spend a TON of time with each interview, so hopefully all that time has paid off :) I spend about 8-12 hours between reading books, preparing the interview, and then editing the videos, which is why comments like yours mean so much to me.  Thanks for taking the time to say thanks and commenting.
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CJ Liu

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My guess is that there are many realities and the Bardo (place between life/death) is where people who have passed and don't want to go or are lost (GHOSTS) are in this reality. So, my guess is that you can go there, but you have to be asleep so I"m not sure how you can turn on the devices and still be asleep. I guess, you would have to have ability to control these devices in your sleep. Sort of like the movie Inception. 
does anyone know if you can talk to someone threw ghost hunting divides threw astral projection?
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+Isaac Singer You can see these people in your astral travel.  In one of my astral travel I got in this beautiful building and sat down in what appear to be a classroom.  Then the teacher noticed me and said "what are you doing here?  This is a reorientation class for the people who just transition back to this reality.  I take it to meant that it was those people who just passed from physical earth.  I wanted very much to stay to see what he have to said but for some reason I got embarrassed so I got up and left.
In term of contacting the nonphysical through devices, I think you can use one of those tv like machine that make white noises.  The ghost hunter in the past use to record blank Walkman tapes and play back.  I don't think it can work with CDs now a day :-)
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CJ Liu

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CJ Liu

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Up in one hour.. An interview with one of my favorite guests don Miguel Ruiz Jr and a discussion about his newest book "The Five Levels of Attachment"
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CJ Liu

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I have an eclectic set of passions, interests, and work experiences. My primary goal in life is to have a well balanced life with a healthy mix of family and friends, spirit, health, and  Work, which I cover in all of my work. My mission is to serve the highest path of myself and others. I try not to take myself too seriously and succeed about 50% of the time :)
I have a radio show Fire it UP with CJ and coaching practice My Whole Life. Both are my attempts to give back to the world. Both work on the premise that if you know what to do, why to do it, and how to do it, then you'll make changes to your lifestyle that are good for you and the planet.
I believe that simple small acts can have huge impact especially if done with positive intention and conciousness. And I believe in big systems change, which is why I like to read and cover in my posts about the big levers that can shift and create change (environment, education, spirituality, psychology, and business).
For nine years, I have been a coach and help people with life, career, and business coaching.   Prior to that, I spent many years at Microsoft in various marketing, product development and business development. I worked in Finance at Clorox and GE.

I was raised in Princeton, NJ (Exit 10 for Jersey folks).  I live in Seattle and per city requirement drink 1-3 cups of coffee/day.  My husband is a blogger Alchemy of Change and is an amazing thought leader. 

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