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Don't ask permission, ask forgiveness.
Don't ask permission, ask forgiveness.

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So like, my band finally has actual audio track released. We've only uploaded MP3s until we find a way to get the WAVs out. Probably torrent or something.

But yeah, if you gave it a look that'd be cool. If you can give tips on mastering that'd be chill too. If you like it feel free to share with your friends. 

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I've decided to make this "Today in SCALE Comp" a series sort of thing.

Today in SCALE Comp, we discuss depression. That's right. The teacher who gave me a seventy on a "Describe an Emotion" essay because describing depression as a lack of emotion "wasn't describing the emotion of depression."

Claims that child molestation causes depression are made, and everyone thinks "My grandma's cousin's roommate died and I was sad for a day but then we got ice cream and I felt better" means that they've suffered from depression.

One kid says depressed people are all just negative and half the class agrees, someone else says that it's just the way you think that makes you depressed, and the teacher spends the entire time with half assed "Oh yeah I see what you mean I can definitely agree with that" answers to everyone because she clearly doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about and is only on this topic because there was a drug addiction assembly last period and one of the speakers mentioned that he used hardcore drugs to self-medicate his depression.

Oh, then she showed the Tom Cruise Daily Show interview about Brooke Shields and every kid thought he was the biggest asshole, completely unaware of the fact that they'd spent the last thirty minutes spewing the exact shit that they've been.

I'm fucking Key & Peele sketch angry right now. 

Today In SCALE Comp:

The college professor teaches us how online content tagging works. We were tasked with figuring out how to tag headlines.

One headline: "Pleasures of Difficulty: Teaching Reader Response Theory".

The search term that my group thought would yield that search result: "Level of Difficulty".

The fucked up part is that the professor said they were doing a really great job.

I paid $700 for this class. 

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So much fun at Rise Against. Without a doubt my all time favorite band. 
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Amazing night at Linkin Park's Carnivore Tour! My throat tasted like blood by the end of the night from all of the screaming, but god damn it was fun. I've never been that pumped in my life! 

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New Rise Against album is up. Fangirling pretty badly right now.

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I got bored on vacation in Redneck Land. Here's some photos I took while fucking around with extended exposures. Mostly lightpainting shit, but I got some cool pictures of space, which is cool.
Stargazing Trip - Summer 2014
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New Order, Watchdogs, CoH2: Second Front, Transistor. All of these fucking awesome games are coming out and I'm completely tapped on cash. 
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