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Mars as seen from the +NASA​ Hubble Space Telescope on May 12, 2016 #OccupyMars

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Google I/O 2016 - Android, VR, AI, and More

You can feel the electricity in the air, it's Google I/O 2016 Eve! Here's is what I will be watching for over the course of this year's event:

Android N - Google has already released the Android N Developer Preview [1] with new features such as multi-window support, notification enhancements, and performance optimizations. Aside from the Keynote, there's an entire session on "What's new in Android" [2]. There has been some chatter about Android VR and it will be interesting to hear about what type of integration that VR will have with Google's popular mobile platform.

VR - There's hype and then there's VR hype. According to this year's schedule, there are a dozen planned sessions on the agenda that cover VR [3]. In addition to the aforementioned Android VR, there are reports that Google is building its own standalone VR headset. Additionally, I will be looking forward to hearing about the progress of Project Tango.

AI - Google has invested heavily in machine learning and AI and that progress has been evident across the company. Key products, such as Search, Photos, Calendar, and Inbox have had AI functionality infused into them. Additionally, Google has open sourced TensorFlow and made history with AlphaGo's success in the highly complex game of Go. Google has also relatively recently made machine learning as a service available to developers through the Google Cloud Platform. There's a session on the 3rd day that's titled "Google's vision for Machine Learning" [4] that should be very telling.

More - It'll be interesting to see what announcements there will be about upcoming hardware releases, maybe a new Nexus handset or updated Nexus 7. I will be watching to see the session on Google ATAP, especially since they are under new leadership. It would be nice to hear about the progress of the new Google Glass and maybe they'll show some love for Google+.

Here's the entire schedule:





#Google #io16 #Android #VR #AI
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"Cosmic Dome"
By Farhan Zaidi Shooting Milky way in Yosemite was definitely on my bucket list. Last year, I looked at forecast on the weekends anxiously as they all turned out to be cloudy for the days where I could have shot it. So, the whole year went by and the new milky way season began. I waited eagerly for the proper time to capture the milky way and just as Glacier point became accessible again, I left the same night with a friend to capture it. Now, I have shot the Milky way plenty of times in the Bay Area. However, seeing such a dark sky all around from the Glacier point was really an experience to remember. Add to that a crescent moon rising as well and you have the right combination for all the drama you can ask for. - Farhan Zaidi

#photography   #landscape   #yosemite   #milkyway
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Psychedelics in general/Let the Lord decide.  - 
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Google releases best practices for developing apps for billions of global users
Building for billions

Over half the world’s smartphone users access the Internet over a 2G connection. Even more may want to access content while entirely offline — whether between stations on the subway in Tokyo or to cope with a flakey connection in a rural part of Rajasthan.

To reach billions of users, developers must address core challenges: limited or intermittent connectivity, device compatibility, and high data costs. Today we’re unveiling and related Android and Web resources to help developers deliver exceptional performance across a range of connections, data plans, and devices.

We’ll also be talking about this on stage every day at I/O - join us online or in-person:
[Livestreamed] Android application architecture: Get ready for the next billion! (
[Livestreamed] Lean and fast: putting your app on a diet (
Building for billions on the web (
Building for billions on Android (
Experts App Clinic - Best Practices when Building Apps for Billions
Build for billions: Deliver the best performance for billions of users - across a variety of connections, data plans, and devices.
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It's highly regarded 
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Google open sources SyntaxNet, a neural network framework for parsing natural language, and releases Parsey McParseface, a SyntaxNet-trained English parser
What does one name an English language parsing model, built with an open-source neural network framework implemented in #TensorFlow that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding systems? Parsey McParseface, of course!
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Highlights and thoughts on the #IO16 Keynote

With stratospheric expectations, +Sundar Pichai​​​​​​​ and his fellow Googlers bestowed upon the world what they've been up to and where they're taking us. Here are some of the highlights:

Google Assistant

Everyone is getting their own personal Google, in the form of the Google assistant. As Sundar describes:

The assistant is conversational—an ongoing two-way dialogue between you and Google that understands your world and helps you get things done...The assistant is an ambient experience that will work seamlessly across devices and contexts. So you can summon Google’s help no matter where you are or what the context.

The Google assistant manifests itself in two products that were announced, Google Home and Allo.

Google Home

Watch out Amazon Echo, Google Home is voice-activated and gives users the power of the Google assistant throughout their homes. You can take advantage of Google's premium voice recognition system to have a conversation with the Google assistant to organize your life, get things done, and control your home. This will become increasingly important as our homes become smarter and more connected.


I'd describe Allo as a smart messaging app. The interface looks like something akin to Facebook's Messenger, but very Googley. Smart replies (a la +Inbox by Gmail​​​​​​​) are integrated into the app, which make intelligent suggestions that are within the context of the conversation and can even understand and react to photos. The real exciting feature is the integration of the Google assistant chatbot. You can have a one on one conversation with Google assistant to help you with your personal affairs or you can enjoy it with friends. What else is cool is that you can even play games with the chatbot. There is also an incognito mode which allows for end-to-end encryption and messages that you can set to expire.


Duo is an end-to-end encrypted video calling app that is designed to be able to work even using a network with limited connectivity and adjust on the fly between WiFi and cellular networks. Under the hood, Duo uses optimized webRTC and connects the calls using QUIC over UDP for a much faster initial encrypted connection.

Android N

We already knew about multi-window support and revamped notifications, but, the Android team went into more details on N. In addition to performance and battery improvements, they went into detail about Android's hardened security stance, including the constant scanning of apps. There were some cool practical features announced, including a button to clear all open apps from the task manager. Also, the update process will be completely improved with automatic updating that runs in the background and that dreaded Android Optimization dialog that appears when you update your phone will be gone. The Android Beta program went live as well, pushing out the 3rd, more stable preview of N to the latest Nexus devices.

For my next post, I will focus on Google's new VR platform, Daydream, and then a subsequent post on Android Instant Apps.
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Too good
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My First Impression of Google Spaces: Love the design and interactions, need better integrations, and please fix the notifications

Having tried Spaces ( out for a few hours, I left overall impressed with v1 and I can see its potential as a viable option for small group messaging and collaboration.

Key Takeaways:

Spaces feels like the combination of Google+ Collections & Circles, Messenger, and a little bit Google Wave. I can see Spaces' use case as an enhanced group text / messaging app. I like the idea of building conversations around small groups of people and having threads/posts around topics, links, and rich media.

One thing that definitely struck me was how pure of a materially designed app Spaces really is. It's kind of beautiful. Oh, and animated GIFs are fully supported and look great in this app.

My Feedback:

Improved Integrations - It would be awesome to create posts in Spaces with integration of additional Google services, like Google Drive or Keep. One possible use case could be a small group keeping a checklist for supplies to get for a party or a family maintaining a shopping list together.

Improved Privacy - Spaces does not feel very private. It would be nice to be able to turn off link sharing of access to my Spaces. Also, at the present time you can only delete posts within spaces, not individual messages within the posts. I think you should be able to edit messages or, at least, delete individual messages within posts without having to delete the entire post.

Notifications - This app is meant for small groups, because, if you have too many people joined to your Space, than you will get inundated with notifications. I have had to leave spaces because there were too many people and constant notifications. Even after you mute a Space, you still get notifications in your Google notifications. The notifications need to get smarter.

Far from being perfect, but, a great start. With the right improvements based on user feedback, Spaces could be a great app. I'm looking forward to seeing future iterations.

Create a space, instantly. Comic books, tiny homes, Paris trip, study group? Just one tap to make a Space about any topic. Invite friends in a snap. Get the right people in each Space with a quick link via messaging, email, or whatever. Share all the things. With Google Search and YouTube built ...
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Good morning 
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Certbot, the +Electronic Frontier Foundation's new tool for automatically enabling encryption on any website, becomes widely available

Certbot ( is the next iteration of the Let's Encrypt Client (; it obtains TLS/SSL certificates and can automatically configure HTTPS encryption on your server. It's still in beta for now, but [the EFF] plan[s] to release Certbot 1.0 later this year. [1]

It is important to protect your web traffic when you have control. Also, if you're seeking improved Search rankings, maintaining encryption on your site will improve your standing. [2]

Via +Ilya Grigorik, who also said There is no excuse not to be running HTTPS nowadays.


[2] HTTPS as a ranking signal ; Google Webmaster Central Blog

#encryption #InfoSec
EFF is proud to introduce Certbot, a powerful tool to help websites encrypt their traffic. Certbot is the next iteration of the Let's Encrypt Client; it obtains TLS/SSL certificates and can automatically configure HTTPS encryption on your server. It's still in beta for now, but we plan to release Certbot 1.0 later this year.
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Google unveils Spaces, a group sharing app that integrates Search, YouTube, and Chrome

Google Spaces ( is rolling out today on Android, iOS, and web.

Update: Try It Here:

Update 2: Download on Google Play Store:
Introducing Spaces
Today we're launching a new tool for group sharing that aims to tackle many of the pain points we've seen repeatedly:
* getting people together is hard
* jumping between apps to share things is slow
* conversations often go off-topic
* finding what was shared before is painful

We wanted to build a better group sharing experience that addresses these issues and more, so we made a new app called Spaces. More in the official Google blog post:
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Psychedelics in general/Let the Lord decide.  - 
“ Escape to Music ” Kidmograph
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Cool. I love the space theme in this..
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How side-mounted LEDs can help fix VR’s “tunnel vision” and nausea problems

A team at Microsoft Research hacked an Oculus Rift in an effort to reduce problems with nausea by using a series of LEDs to add to the headset's total functional field of view.

The Problem with Current VR headsets

As described in the article, The current world of consumer-grade virtual reality has a bit of a tunnel-vision problem. As realistic as VR can feel, even the most expensive headsets are restricted to a 110-degree field of view, compared to the over 180 degrees of real-world vision.

The Solution

The Microsoft Research team's "sparse peripheral display" is built on top of an Oculus Rift "DK2" set, which only offers a 90-degree field-of-view (the retail Rift, which launched in March, upped that to 110 degrees). The pair then added 80 strategically arranged LEDs that sit above and around the headset's lenses, as well as a sheer screen to diffuse their light. With a bit of processing of the in-game 3D world, the system renders relevant, real-time color and intensity data for those LEDs, to add 60 degrees to the total functional field of view. This isn't all that demanding from a processing overhead point-of-view, since only a few "pixels" of data have to be sent to the headset...[according to the researchers] this reduces nausea and improved situational awareness in VR experiences no matter whether movement is controlled by turns of the head, by users' presses of keys, or by an automated, roller-coaster-styled sequence.

Testing of this technology

Initial public testing showed a reduction of instances of nausea after users tried the LED-enhanced headset.


More research needs to be completed to improve the VR experience and reduce instances of nausea for users. An improved field of view and a high frame rate should go a long way in helping combat the problem of VR-induced nausea as this technology goes more mainstream.

For more, check out the article:

Ars interviews Microsoft Research group on its hacked-together findings.
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