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CJ Cornell
All about Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Technology (+maybe other subjects too - like dogs and game theory)
All about Entrepreneurship and Digital Media Technology (+maybe other subjects too - like dogs and game theory)


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Attended a Board meeting this morning - held in a Casino. Made $50 waiting to start. Maybe a new idea for @startupboards best practices.

Hey all. I'm writing a piece and am struggling for an adjective to describe a "young Steve Jobs" (as the general public might perceive or envision him). I don't mean an adjective to describe his 'qualities' (e.g. driven, visionary) - but more - if you observed the younger, unknown Steve Jobs for 15 minutes and were to describe him to someone else, in a word.
Any takers?

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History repeats itself in Arizona.

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aaaaaaand ..... what happens later when I donate it to Goodwill?  ; ) 

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Luddites are at their most dangerous when they come in the form of articulate writers, who have access to a large audience.

What do you say to a business acquaintance who wants an opinion on their hard-worked project, when it is just bloody awful, amateurish & embarrassing  - when they think its stellar?

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We're conducting a study about crowdfunding fraud and need as many data points and cases as we can get!  

See the link inside the article for an easy way to submit a case (or a lead).  Thanks!

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A new record. USPS - Express mail Guaranteed overnight. Sent Thursday morning 9am. 4 days later, and counting- still in transit.

Reminds me of the line from Ocean's Eleven: "You tossers! You had ONE job to do!". 11 calls and 3.5 hours on the phone with customer service, with each "supervisor" profusely apologizing and swearing it will be delivered within the next few hours. This would be comical if it wasn't so tragic. Item was for a $4,000 medical device that had people waiting for it on friday.

USPS - here's a tip. For the definition of "Guaranteed Overnight" - look it up on the Fedex Website. I'd be pushing my congressmen to pull funding for USPS, except that the prospects of having all these incompetents in the commercial workforce might be even more terrifying.
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