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Did you know I have a mailing list? You can get a short story called Street Fox free just for signing up! I also send out announcements about new releases and updates on my works in progress. I don't spam you... I send out an email once every couple of months.

Interested? Please go here: and wait for the popup. You can also sign up in the top bar.

Already on the list? Please share this! I'm gearing up for another book release and would really appreciate your support.

Not sure? Here's what I write:

Erdemen Honor series: The King's Sword, A Cold Wind, and Honor's Heir - clean epic fantasy. Street Fox is set in this world with new characters.

The King's Sword ( ) is rated 4.3/5 on Amazon. Here's the blurb:
A disillusioned soldier. A spoiled, untried prince. A coup that threatens the country they love.

When retired soldier Kemen finds the young prince Hakan fleeing an attempted assassination, he reluctantly takes the role of mentor and guardian. Keeping the prince alive is challenging enough. Making him a man is harder.

As usurper Vidar tightens his grip on power, Kemen wrestles with questions of duty and honor. What if the prince isn’t the best ruler after all?

Invasion looms, and Kemen’s decisions will shape the fate of a nation. What will he sacrifice for friendship and honor?

A Long-Forgotten Song series: Things Unseen, The Dragon's Tongue, and two more upcoming novels - darkish urban Christian fantasy. "Ted Dekker meets Frank Peretti meets C. S. Lewis" according to one reader.

Things Unseen ( ) is rated 4.9/5 on Amazon. Here's the blurb:

History student Aria Forsyth's studies lead her to dangerous questions about the Empire's origins. A mysterious man named Owen, impervious to the winter cold, further unravels the safety of the world she thought she knew. At first, Aria believes Owen is human. He says he's not. What if they're both wrong?

A moment's compassion draws her into a conflict between human and inhuman, natural and supernatural, and she begins to discover the secrets of the Empire, the Fae, and what it means to be human.

Fairy King series: A Fairy King, A Fairy Promise - clean fantasy friendship-adventure-romance

A Fairy King is rated 4.8/5 stars on Amazon. Here's the blurb:

Young Hannah receives an interesting letter. Is her pen pal a fairy prince or a prankster? How long will he write to her, and what will change as a result of his letters?

He offers her a wish. Can he really grant a wish? What will she wish, and what will she offer him in return?

Please check them out and forward to anyone you think might be interested!

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I attended Katsucon 2017 this past weekend and I was able to cosplay one of my favorite book characters, King Hakan Ithel from +C. J. Brightley's Erdemen Honor Series! I haven't given him much love so I'm glad I got to do this. I wish I had the money to have made more lavish clothes but...suede was fun despite how much my 3 (yes three) sewing machines screwed me over, haha...
No, two of them weren't mine.
He was also supposed to have a cape/cloak, but Joann's is a liar. They said they had wool.
I hope I can hold a better photoshoot for my king over spring break. All of the great locations that would have been good for him were all taken, so we did a quickie in an empty hallway waiting for a friend so that I could do his photoshoot.
I like to call Katsucon claustrophobic-con for reasons like these... (insert sarcastic grin).
Photos were taken by my wonderful kawaii potato prince! 
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Noblebright, Heroes, and Villains – Post by Sherwood Smith on BookViewCafe – Sherwood wrote Lhind the Thief, part of Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set. I recently found this blog post she wrote back in November, and I thought it was…

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The Lord of Dreams is now up for pre-order! When a fairy king grants a human wish, there’s more at stake than dreams. Claire Delaney has a good life, despite her adolescent angst. But she wants more. In a moment of frustration, she wishes to be “the…

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I participate in NaNoWriMo every year, but it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. The thing I want you to know, as we go through the month, is that you don’t have to feel pressured into writing. So I want to talk a little about some commonly passed…

Thursday we had to put our dog Copper to sleep.

He was a good dog. We adopted him at about nine weeks old from a shelter thirteen years ago, not long after Mr. Brightley and I had gotten married. He was a sheltie-terrier mutt, with a sheltie's timid personality and piercing bark and a terrier's toughness. He loved to run and loved to chase deer, although he didn't really want to catch them.

He had prostate cancer, which we found about six weeks ago. Although I know we could have dragged it out longer, I think he'd reached the end of life being mostly enjoyable. I held him while he went.

I'll upload some pics later.

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BOOM! The title for the boxed set fits PERFECTLY as my cover image.

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As promised, here is my second set of mini reviews of the books in Light in the Darkness: A Noblebright Fantasy Boxed Set. You can find the first set of mini reviews here. If this is the first you’ve seen of noblebright fantasy, you can find an overview here on my site and on

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