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Thank you for following us on Google+! For the most up-to-date information on the 2012 International CES please check out and follow us on Twitter!
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I don't really use Twitter. Can you not also post updates here?
Me too. I use G+ only please post on both.
The point of having a Google+ page is to engage with your audience here and keep us updated. I think if you do so you will see a great benefit of connecting with CES fans at all levels.
Unbelievable +International CES, you make a Google+ account then attempt to reroute the traffic you get on it, to Twitter? Unforgivable.
David O
exactly! wtf is this s*!? >:/
CES is behind it´s times and fighting a lost battle. They can´t even hire decent staff. They don´t use G+, don´t maintain their own website (the article about 3d of Jan. 6th gives a 404 etc.)
Even worse they are employing people who are complete in defense about the demise of the largest trade show. Read this article and fire that man:
Decided to do a quick search on Google+ for CES related news. Find CES news and it asks me to redirect to Twitter. I think someone here is completely missing the point !
CES: from their social media page:
They are all excited that they will tweet (what a silly idea for a show with the depth of CES) and yes, they will do, tada

If you’re a fan of Facebook (and let’s face it, who isn’t) follow us for news and updates from CES at We’ll keep the page up-to-date with news and important information during the show, and please, feel free to add your own photos and stories to the community!
_Read more:

That´s the problem at CES. They are always behind there. The fact that you can´t get a signal for a GPRS phone because AT&T and T-mobile are always over their capacity. Thousand of execs frantically running over the pavement looking for a spot to call their offices. Unimaginable for an innovative event. Try the same at the European equivalent and they will additional capacity for the event. That´s why CES is on it´s way down for some years now. Cebit is the right season as well where CES in January is just the wrong moment.
Anyway, they won´t even read it as they will discover it after Apple withdrew ten years ago and Microsoft refuses to do the keynote next year.
Happy Facebooking Shapiro, that´s where the makers and shakers of the world gather :)
WAIT... NOT updating on this G+ page? This is CES, right? Sigh. Un-circle.
Why add a G+ page just to tell us to follow you on twitter?! Fail
And twitter a link I guess :)
oh I just circled this because I am local and will be there tomorrow.
Now uncircling.
Go to Twitter?
Mitch J
Un-circling. Bad form, CES! Shame on you! Get with the times.
+Mitch J they posted like crazy on MySpace I heard. All is not lost. 2015 it will be our turn to get informed ;)
Mitch J
You're probably right. Thanks +Max Huijgen. Thanks for helping me stay positive here on the plus side. :)
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