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Guess what it is?

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(Answer will be posted on Monday.)
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Looks like the very first atomic bomb, just a bit more up to date XD
Ein Detector zur Messung von Dunkler Materie?
It is a neutron time of flight facility nTof.
nTof ears 1 measure of neutrons. brief hint given with neuton beam.
look at the right hint of Mirsad ɯıɹsɐp مرصاد „M i Я u - TeCk“ Gërvalla ƃǝɹʌɐllɐ جرفال
he is right.
+Franc shiphorst
You are right. I forgott 3d-view. Ashes on my head ;-D
Did you guess it?

This photo shows part of the neutron time-of-flight facility, n_TOF. It has been in operation at CERN since 2001 and studies neutron–nucleus interactions.

The name n_TOF comes from the fact that neutron kinetic energy is determined by time-of-flight. To produce neutrons, a pulsed beam of protons from the Proton Synchrotron (PS) is directed at a lead target.

Data produced by n_TOF are used in astrophysics to study stellar evolution and supernovae. Intense neutron beams are also important in hadrontherapy (the treatment of tumors with beams of hadrons) and studies of how to incinerate waste.

Learn more about n_TOF:

Congratulations to +Bob Looter, the first to get the answer to Friday’s post.

Image © CERN – for terms of use see:
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