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Yesterday, the Sun aligned with the centre of our galaxy allowing the CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST) to search for any exotic particles it might emit.

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IF this telescope can search for exotic particles then why do we need the LHD???
+Fritz Carstensen Do you have any specific proposal how to look at it, i.e., what kind of detector would be needed?

+Terence Galland This "telescope" (it is actually a LHC magnet) can look for one very specific type of hypothetical exotic particle, one that actually would be invisible for LHC. So we need both, because they are looking for completely different things.
Will bet you can see our Second Sun perfectly with that
+Greg Martin
You are one of those idiots who thinks we did not go to the Moon as well, right?  Is the Earth also hollow, child?
+Gary Kindt
sure, whatever u say bully, youre right, in fact, you haver NEVER been wrong
+Greg Martin
bully?  You spout off retarded horseshit about a second sun.  Is it "hiding" behind ours?  If so, why would it be precisely opposite the Earth, and why has no satellite traversing outside Earth's realm never seen a second star anywhere near ours?  You listen to all the wrong idiots, and it has transformed you into one...  or an even bigger one than you already were.  I am no bully, dipshit.  I call a spade a spade, and an idiot saying the crap you spew likely is loaded up with other childish non-science horseshit as well.
+Jerzy Michał Pawlak 
I agree with CERN's plan to get an accelarator with more energy (in germany we say mehr Dampf/more steam). I propagate CERNS plan to build the LINAC 4. I hope it would fit by an linear accelarator with 1500 -2000 MeV ..
and such engine will be bult between 2017-2019. Detecting this particle can be seen by this telescope (only detect) Noting the results
and prove it in the LINAC4 accelarator. This is my imagination to confirm this small particle.
The great challenge will be to make it clear by mathamtical derivation. Funny is in this case
the Photon the smallest part of an electromagneitc wave appears dark. This would be researchers problem. But my nozy issue is to see the exotic character. A photon is clear to me. Tachyons and electron and also antiprotns I can Imagine. But what is a dark photon Thats makes me kirre and nozy.
+Greg Martin 
I saw some posted that the earth is a disk. I thought about it if it is possible to see them as idiots. Result: Quod errat demonstrandum.
+Gary Kindt Relax, I'm sure +Greg Martin is joking. I mean, second sun?? Has to be a joke. Yes, masses worse than flat earth and stuff. And he has not said Nibiru, so he can't be all bad!
Look on internet for video and pictures of 2 suns in sky, I can assure you, the poleshift it will cause will kill billions of people, it is also known as The Rapture. It is no lie, I have the proof, enjoy life because this will occur soon, sorry to be the bearer of bad news +Nick James
+Greg Martin 2 suns? Somebody is telling you fibs. It is not physically possible. There is nowhere for such a sun to hide, no way the gravitational effects of sun would not be very evident in the solar system. Remember, little Neptune was found because of disturbances in Uranus' orbit. Even smaller disturbances predicted Pluto, which is much further out. Another sun would be huge on that scale. Remember, a sun has to be at least 10% of our sun's size to support nuclear fusion (which is what suns do!). Given that 99.8% of the mass of the solar system is in the sun, it would be noticed!

Poleshift? The earth's magnetic pole shift? Nah, it has happened about every 250,000 years for ever. Nothing to worry about. Look to smoking induced cancers, mercury in tuna, climate change. But pole shift? Pft!

The Raptures? Well, given that our lat shift append a few hundred thousand years ago, how do you know it will do damage? Or is this the religious Rapture that we were supposed to have in September 2015? Well, they never happened, either. Never have happened. So, probably never ill. It is just olde time religious myth stuff.

You have proof of this stuff? All I see is mumbly Youtubes full of assertion and doom but no science. No Science. It is simply made up BS from people that love to provide clickbait. People who always say things like "I'm not an astronomer, but...", "I'm not a physicist, but...", "I failed maths and science in school, but...".
+Greg Martin People have been believing doom mongers since before christianity was invented. None of them happened. The Raptures have been promised for 2016 years. Nothing. Not a peep. If this was anything else at all you would have asked for your money back. A long time ago.
Just like the 2nd coming stuff. Still waiting...

Get life and stop worrying about this rubbish. it ain't gonna happen. Ever.
+Greg Martin OMG! I just followed one of your clip links. Somebody going on about 125 astronomers killed (you sure they did not work for Hillary Clinton...?? Oh, sorry, that was a GOP internet myth).
Anyway, some woman Clarissa going on about her Youtube of PlanetX. Silly girl - she is seeing an artifact produced by her camera lens. Real things don't behave like that. Ever.
Yes, it does help you to believe this stuff if you have absolutely no scientific or technical training whatsoever.
Haha, it's still alive and well, it seems. 😥

I conversed with a lady on a +NASA​​ post who claims to have seen this second sun with her own two eyes. And taken pictures of it, to boot. I then asked why no one else on the rest of the planet has... ahh, nevermind.

You can't make this stuff up. 🤔
Oh dear. Greg seems to have gone away.

Concerned for his well being, I checked his page. He seems ok. But oh dear. He believes in Nibiru. And extra suns. And all sorts of 'the government are not telling us' stuff.

Bless. Worrying about the wrong stuff there, Greg.
Hey fellows what is going on? The first group tells us our solar system has two suns,
the other group told to me our earth is a disk, but no one tells me about Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein
or Stephen Hawking. I think I gonna be mad. Do you have some valium and can you comfort me?
I don't believe it. There is a Beatles song: It calls "the fool on a hill..." Menno: two suns and an earth as a disk.
I going to explore what happend to me. Please clever scientists help me.
+Fritz Carstensen
eeee eeee aaah aaaah oooh ooooh tookie tookie!

  Go see Bertha...     she one de Butt sisters.
+Greg Martin Haha you must be trolling. Anyways, being a "bully" doesn't mean someone's points are invalid, so unless you come up with a better argument than "wait and see", people calling you stupid is to be expected.
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