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I'm seeing this phrase (or similar ones) popping up in games a lot lately:

"One thing of note: Please, please, please, please no Godmoding. I know waiting for another player to respond can be frustrating, but please don’t dictate another player’s actions or words."

While I can understand not making permanent commitments for other players, or doing things that are completely outside a characters personality, casual conversation or terse replies "yes" "no" "Okay" would seem to be fine.

Does the "only move yourself" seem like it is overly restrictive? Or is the "Do what you need to do without making huge commitments for players" seem to permissive?

I tend to narrate on the more permissive side and have been accused of allowing "god modding" (even though I have not seen any acts/dialog which seemed out of character or controlling). When there's been any consternation there's a commentary channel to address corrections. Where do you fall in this spectrum?

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On this live episode of the Master Plan podcast, I talk with Storium co-founder Stephen Hood and lead game designer Will Hindmarch. We'll talk about Storium's game design, including design goals, playtesting adjustments, and more.

Any thoughts on the latest update? Cloning and Character self-retirement?

Anyone else having problems with players who seem to hardly, if ever, post.  How are you handling particularly slow posters?

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I have wrangled an alpha test for Storium.  So I am asking my old LABN buds if they are willing to be players in my Storium game? Shaun , Ana, Sherlynn, Heather , Louise , Hannah , Amanda , Alice , Kristen , Robin. AND +Kaarin Spier +Tabitha Grace Smith +John Drummond  and the rest of LABN. Just let me know if you want an invite.  I'll send it to the Email I have for each of you but PM me with a current email if it's changed in the last 10 years or so.

What is Storium? Join the Storium playtest!

I was thinking that this is the LA of Post-Angel After The Fall, Post Buffy Season 9 and well entrenched in the current Joss-Verse. If you aren't up-to-date on the goings-on I'd recommend a crash course:
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