How do you feel about the concept of loving God? In your opinion, what does it mean to “love God”? ॐ
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I used to have lots of concepts about "God" - and was extremely sceptical about ALL of my concepts, ideas and images - and would provide data to contradict the "loving" part of the description.

After and N.D.E., there is not more doubt, no more, well, anything, really - only a deep and absolute trust - and absolute dependence. That which we deem to refer to as "God" is vastly beyond the word "love"...beyond the word "compassion"...beyond "forgiving"...beyond "unconditional".

"To love God" - is to completely understand and acknowledge that you, me, everything - is IN "God"...and that "God" is in every bit of all that exists and all realities that exist...and that there is nothing without "God"...and that "God" unconditionally urges each to live, love, grow, learn, share, communicate, accept, relate and be in peace and harmony.

There is but one hurdle - which is basically defined as "ego"; the "ego" wants primary focus and will, by nature, close out or shut off from "God".

Peace and blessings.
I don't think of god as a person, i think of god in everything i see, a tree, an animal, a pretty picture, blade of grass, the sky, sun, moon. and it's everywhere.

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