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This Morning NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced the "Mayors Challenge," offering millions of dollars in prize money for the best ideas to make city life better.

He also fired back at "nanny" critics, saying that "if government's purpose isn't to improve the health and longevity of its citizens, I don't know what its purpose is."
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Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should read the Constitution and Bill of Rights which define the role of government and its interaction with the people.  Common, Mayor it has nothing to do with nanny state what happens when a new mayor comes on board and reverses everything you have done and now wants people in New York to walk or ride bikes because it is more healthy -no more cabs, no more subways, no more cars.  New York looks more and more like Pyongyang, we can all wear green uniforms -they are more environmentally friendly and a small ration of rice is so much better for you!  Maybe a more appropriate title would be Premier Bloomberg.
as has been show, time and time again on these pages, +Paul Greenwood , in today's society the Constitution and its Bill of Rights are totally misunderstood by most, and is used as a leaning post when people yell "MY rights, not yours...Constitution says so!"

Mayor Bloomberg seems to fall into this category; one of ignorance of right and wrong.
Stop beating, macing and wrongfully arresting protesters. Cost to the city: $0. Improvement to health and longevity of citizens: immeasurable. Feel free to PayPal my prize money.
vote bloomberg out. that will be the best help.
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