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CBS This Morning hung out with 2 people.Peter Greenberg and Lena West
Gayle's Greenroom Hangout - Travel
CBS This Morning and 2 others participated
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Trip Advisor is definitely my favorite. I post my opinions there as well.
Tiếp chuyện cùng ngôn ngữ tiếng việt nam?
love the room 77 - for the visuals of the rooms. how amazing!
Great travel tips. Thank you for the show this morning and a big shout out to @ Lena West
Chương trình này rất hay để trao đổi những tin tức và trò chuyện ...
Thanks for watching, everyone! We're going to post the full Hangout later as well. Have a great morning!
Great Hang out! I have so many follow up questions for Gayle & Peter.

Warmest regards,
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