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The Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni to run the show.

Are you surprised it wasn't Phil Jackson?
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This is exactly what I wanted, but I am shocked. I was hoping Phil would turn the job down because I like DAntoni better right now. Can't believe they had the balls to give it to him over Phil. Real excited.
Great offense weak on defense. His better then the other Mike.
I thought it was Phil's job. Guess he refused
Excellent, hopefully he gets outcoached by Popovich again in the playoffs.
Lakers are going to be worse off now then they were with Mike Brown
+Steve Broome Out coached as in... having their best scorer suspended by the commissioner's office for standing up and then using Robert Horry to knock out Steve Nash? Great coaching. 
Out-coached as in the guy with a ton of talent never even making the finals because he doesn't coach defense.
Talent? Are we talking about the same Suns franchise that literally sold and traded away first round picks (one of them turned out to be Rajon Rondo) just to save money? 

Also, the most talented player between the Suns/Spurs rosters at the height of their powers happened to be on the Spurs side. His name is Tim Duncan. Ever heard of him? Oh yeah, the Suns kept losing to the Mavericks too. Who did they have? Dirk Nowitzki. Both of whom have been considered as one of the greatest players of all time. Despite the MVPs, Nash has never really been in that conversation due to the surplus of talented point guards in the league. 
Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion. I understand that your brain thinks "most talented team" means "best individual player". Go back to sleep.
It sucks there's that new rule that you can't hire any assistant coaches to help with the defense. Plus they only have kobe and 2 former defensive players of the year. So they are probably gonna give up 150ppg cuz they hired DAntoni.
+Steve Broome wow. You really need to learn more about basketball.  But I will give you a lesson on what happened to the Suns when they had D'Antoni. You named 4 all-stars and acted like Mike D'Antoni had the opportunity to coach all 4 of them for many years. That is not the case. 

1. Joe Johnson was on ONE playoff team (2005) with D'Antoni before deciding to sign with the Hawks. (Boris Diaw trade) Before he was sign/traded, he broke his face in the 2005 playoffs and missed a few games. He basically had surgery mid-playoffs and had to wear an uncomfortable mask. Bad luck.

2. Following season, Amare was lost for the season. D'Antoni still managed to take his team to the playoffs with home court advantage despite only having Marion/Nash. 

3. 2006-07 season. Amare returned. Suns win total jumped from 54 to 61 wins. Unfortunately, they were playing Diaw and Stoudemire at the Center position. They didn't have a single player above 6-11 height. If you have amnesia, I'll remind you about Robert Horry's hip check on Steve Nash and then the league regrettably suspended Amare and changed the course of the series. 

4. D'Antoni's last season. The Suns team idiotically decided to bring in a washed up Shaquille O'neal from the Heat. They still won 55 games. Oh and Shawn Marion was sent packing in that trade. 

Basically, those 4 all-star guys you mentioned never really got to ever show off their potential. Freak injuries. Trades. Suspensions. etc. Had they stayed together as a unit, they would have certainly had a chance to win at least one or two titles. 
No they wouldn't have won titles, because he created a team with no defensive intensity, which has never won a championship for anybody. Lol @ blaming an uncomfortable face mask - is that like the one Rip Hamilton wore while the Pistons won a championship? Is that the same Pistons team that won with Ben Wallace as a defensive player of the year caliber talent without him being over 6'11"? Didn't the Heat win a title last year without a center? Lousy excuses from a lousy fan for a lousy coach.

Naturally the New York Knicks train wreck was also not his fault because you know.. he's a genius. Try watching basketball.
+Steve Broome Again, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Mike D'Antoni was not in charge of personnel decisions in Phoenix and New York. Do you know what a General Manager, owner and CEO/president of the team does? Look them up. It's for your own good. It's up to the front office and ownership to provide the coach with what he needs. The Suns never provided him with a defensive-minded big man. It wouldn't have been that difficult to give him at least a few big men but the Suns under Robert Sarver were thinking about profit instead of winning titles. Hence, many first round picks were sold or traded away for nothing. 

Rip Hamilton? He wore the mask due to accumulated injuries to his nose. He never had surgery during the middle of the playoffs after breaking his face (specifically his eye). Johnson missed 6 playoff games (2 in the WCF vs. Spurs). Reports back then were saying he had some mild concussions as well. So I hope you are not equating some nose injuries that accumulated over time to a serious eye injury that required six stitches + surgery on top of mild concussions. Yeah, uncomfortable? you bet. 

You do realize that Ben Wallace played alongside Prince (6-9) and Rasheed Wallace (6-11), right? Both of whom played excellent defense and Rasheed in particular dominated offensively as well. In 2004, they also had Okur (7 foot big man) coming off the bench. Wallace's height disadvantage was negated easily especially in a weak Eastern Conference. 

What happened to the Pistons when Okur and other supporting cast left? In 2005, they lost in the NBA Finals to TIm Duncan's Spurs. Duncan won Finals MVP. Where was Wallace? In that series, Duncan completely outplayed Ben Wallace. Not only did he out-rebound him in some games, he also easily out-scored him. 

So now going full circle. IF DOY Ben Wallace couldn't even stop Tim Duncan, how can you blame Mike D'Antoni for losing or supposedly being out-coached (as you claim) by Pops and the Spurs? 

The fact is you are blaming D'Antoni for something that was out of his control. By the way, these aren't lousy excuses. These are just factual things that most people with some kind of knowledge of the NBA already understand. Why do you think he would be on a short list to coach the freaking Los Angeles Lakers of all teams? Why do you think he was picked as an assistant coach for the Olympic team two times in a row? 
Those people were COACHED by Larry to play great defense, they didn't magically assemble and decide what they were going to do. Brown completely changed the philosophy of the team on both ends of the floor.  Watching The Knicks it was readily apparent that D'Antoni had no idea what he was doing. The reason he's been given the Lakers job is because he coached Nash during his best years and has an offense that they believe will accomodate Howard who's offensive game is far better when he has a good pick and roll partner. Mike Brown was also "picked to coach the freaking Los Angeles Lakers". Does that make him a great coach?

Try. Watching. Basketball.
+Taka Fujimura  You are dead on. +Steve Broome does have no clue. Anyone that acts like their idiotic opinions are facts and can definitively predict alternative pasts is a complete moron. 

HOWEVER, poking a moron makes them aggressive. If you just pretend they are not there, they go away. Kind of like a bee. Just move on, grow a mustache, and enjoy this beautiful Movember. Merry Movember MoFo's!
watching +Steve Broome, it is readily apparent that  he has no idea what he is doing.
+Ryan Arthur LOL. Yeah. Well, I enjoy talking about sports even if the other person is an idiot. Feel free to chime in tho. 

+Steve Broome Ironic that you fault Mike D'Antoni for what happened to him in New York a year ago. Did you KNOW that Larry Brown completely failed with the Knicks as well? D'Antoni did a much better job in NY than Larry Brown. Again, please go back and review your NBA history. 

Also, Larry Brown did not change any philosophies in Detroit. Keyword is Detroit here. That's the old home of the "Bad Boy Pistons" of the 80s who were basically known for their hard-nosed defensive style of play that contrasted the offensive-minded Showtime Lakers of the 80s. If anything, Defense and Detroit are synonymous. For your knowledge, Dumars was part of those 80s teams and he's been the GM for a decade now. 

Another thing, Ben Wallace was already averaging 3+ blocks per game and led the league in rebounds before Larry Brown became the coach of the Pistons. So how exactly did Larry Brown CHANGE the philosophy of the Pistons and somehow teach Ben Wallace how to play defense? 

As for Mike Brown, the situation was completely different. The Lakers were not built to win a title last season. That was quite apparent after they dumped Lamar Odom and let Shannon Brown leave. Mike Brown was probably thought of as a stopgap until they can get a better coach. And that was exactly what happened. You don't fire someone after 5 games unless you know you have the opportunity to grab a guy that's better. 

There are plenty of both political and basketball reasons why D'Antoni was chosen. This hiring has both short-term and long-term implications. We'll see how it turns out. 
"Also, Larry Brown did not change any philosophies in Detroit. Keyword is Detroit here. That's the old home of the "Bad Boy Pistons" of the 80s who were basically known for their hard-nosed defensive style of play that contrasted the offensive-minded Showtime Lakers of the 80s."

Yep, and it was only a few years between that and the Larry Brown era, by a few years of course I mean a decade. SMH. And Joe Dumars is the most overrated GM in basketball.

Larry Brown improved their TEAM defense dramatically they held opponents to a ridiculously low shooting percentage in their championship year and his game planning against the Lakers was brilliant. They were a middle of the league team in terms of opponent's field goal percentage before he got there.  The '80s bad boy team had nothing to do with them.  Rip Hamilton is a complete non-impact player without Larry. But yeah, discount his coaching. It's never D'Antoni's fault though. He's the genius.

"Mike Brown was probably thought of as a stopgap until they can get a better coach. And that was exactly what happened. "

Yes, because D'antoni wasn't available to talk to, or Phil Jackson, BEFORE the season even started. They only became available 5 games in. Or we can use our brains and realize that your argument that D'Antoni is a good coach "or else he wouldn't be hired by the Lakers" is immediately invalidated by the guy he's replacing. Mike Brown has no game awareness and running a Princeton offense with an experienced point guard and a dominating center and very few good passers was retarded.  

Lamar Odom was dumped because anybody familiar with his personality realized he was going to pout as soon as the trade didn't go through. That Lakers team had a very good chance to beat the Thunder, they failed in large part due to horrible coaching. There is no point in hiring a horrible coach as a "stop gap". And teams like the Lakers don't hire stop gaps. Where are you getting this silliness from?

"Since D’Antoni left, the Knicks are 22-6 in the regular season under Woodson."

SMH you're stupid as hell.
Try refuting this fact about the Detroit Pistons because I know (for sure) now that you didn't follow their team in 2004 and prior. 

Here's the breakdown between 2003 season and 2004 seasons of the Pistons. 

2003 under Rick Carlisle:
#1 seed in the entire Eastern Conference. (50 wins) 
#4 Defensive Rating (based on basketball-reference) 
#1 in Opponents Points Allowed (87.7 per game) 
Lost in the Eastern Conference Finals

2004 under Larry Brown: 
#3 seed in the entire Eastern Conference (54 wins)
#2 Defensive Rating (based on basketball-reference)
#2 in Opponents Points Allowed (84.3 per game)
Won NBA Finals. 

Note: After Rasheed Wallace trade, the Pistons had two separate 8 game winning streaks to end the season.

Note: 2004 Pistons held their opponents lower than 70 points ELEVEN times that season. EIGHT of those times occurred after they acquired Rasheed Wallace. Coincidence?

Note: 2004 Pistons allowed opposing teams to score over 90 points 24 times in 2004. During Wallace's 22 games with the Pistons that year, it only occurred twice. In 23 games in the playoffs, they only allowed it 5 times but 2 of them were Overtime games. 

Just do a google research, seriously. Rip Hamilton dropped 18 and 20 points per game before he even wore a Pistons jersey. He was already well-known for his shooting abilities around the league. But wait, he was playing for the non-factor Wizards during his first 3 years How did casual fans know him? I will let you answer that one. 

Larry Brown is a great coach with insane amount of experience. But the Pistons were top 5 in defense before and after he coached the team. Not sure why you attribute so much credit to Larry Brown when the evidence and statistics says otherwise. 

Based on the sequence of events, it is very apparent that the Lakers management did not have much confidence in Mike Brown. When they hired Mike Brown last year, a lot of the other good coaches were not available. D'Antoni was still coaching the Knicks. Nate McMillan was still coaching the Blazers. 

If you watched the games, a lot of the errors during the series against the Thunder were committed by Kobe Bryant. It was very disappointing to see our best player make so many mental errors consecutively. However, the Lakers had no shot at beating the Thunder considering they had the home court advantage and the better team. 

You really need to stop just watching the games and analyze some statistics. Also, stop claiming to know certain facts about players, coaches and teams. Your theory that Larry Brown was somehow the sole reason that the Pistons were dominant on defense (just for the 2004 season) just went down the drain. Sorry, buddy.
+Steve Broome Also, you know Lamar Odom personally or something? Odom had every right to be upset after he was blindsided by the Lakers for including him in a 3 team deal for Chris Paul. And people knew that he was going to "pout" when the trade didn't go through? Well, nobody knew that the trade was going to be vetoed by the commissioner. A little confused with your vocabulary and your theory about Lamar Odom. 

The 3 way deal for Chris Paul was a genius attempt at improving the Lakers long-term success and financial flexibility. It didn't work out. Odom and Gasol were probably both upset. Odom's contract had only one year left so the Lakers decided to dump the salary and acquire a first round pick (in hope of using it in a future trade for a superstar). It was a perplexing move to just dump Odom for nothing since they were title contenders a season before but it was understandable long-term if we assumed that the Lakers had other plans for the draft pick.
"You really need to stop just watching the games and analyze some statistics."

LMFAO spoken like a true moron that doesn't watch the games.

2002-2003 13th in opposing FG%
2003-2004 3rd in opposing FG %

"to know certain facts about players, coaches and teams. Your theory that Larry Brown was somehow the sole reason that the Pistons were dominant on defense (just for the 2004 season) just went down the drain. Sorry, buddy."

Right, because the real reason they played good defense in their championship run is that in the 80s they were also known as a hard nosed defensive team, and that flowed a decade later into the new players SMH.

Still trying to stop laughing at your theory that Mike Brown was a "stop gap" coach.  A stop gap coach in the last few years of Kobe Bryant being on the Lakers. Yep, makes sense.  They only hired D'Antoni because he's a great coach, even though they just hired Mike Brown, who was a terrible coach both in LA and Cleveland. Yep, makes sense. If you're too stupid to realize that Mike Brown was a horrible hire by Buss Jr, and that anybody who installs the Princeton offense with that personnel is simply incompetent (which entirely refutes your idiotic theory that the Lakers only hire great coaches or whatever you're trying to say), you might be the dumbest person on the internet.  

Dumping Odom has proven to be just fine, as he was so bad in Dallas that they ALSO dropped him from their roster, and has been out of shape and useless on the Clippers. It has nothing to do with knowing him personally, it has everything to do with having played enough basketball and having actually watched enough games to recognize what kind of a fragile personality he has. The same personality he's had since college.  Try. Watching. Basketball.
"It has nothing to do with knowing him personally, it has everything to do with having played enough basketball and having actually watched enough games to recognize what kind of a fragile personality he has. The same personality he's had since college."

I know you like to avoid facts presented to you. But it's funny that you believe that somehow playing more basketball than someone else makes you more knowledgeable about the sport. Try asking Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas how that worked out for them. 

As for Lamar Odom, he had superstar talent but ended up becoming a 2nd tier all-star level player with 2-titles and a career that spanned over a decade. Somehow, that's a fragile personality?

I only know Odom's basketball career but his short bio says his dad was a heroin addict while his mother died from cancer when he was 12. Afterwards, his grandmother raised him. Obviously, you don't know him and neither do I. But that little tid of information tells me he went through a lot of personal issues and yet he became widely successful in life by any social measure. That's definitely not what you call a "fragile personality." This would be a proper time to "shake my head." 
Fun times to look back at what I said about Mike D'antoni versus what people who don't understand basketball said about Mike D'antoni
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