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How much do you LIKE football being back?
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I'm so excited to see the 'Black and Gold' suited up and out on the field - WhoDat!
Finally, something to watch on tv
Did the Saints put a bounty on Kevin Kolb? HaHa
Pumped for my first +NFL Fantasy Football Draft HANGOUT of the season tomorrow!
I wait all year for this moment 
It's [almost] the most wonderful time of the year...
can't wait for DA RAIDERS to start playing...
Sun, Mon, Thur = Shut up and leave me the heck alone!!!
Kolb does not look like the answer for Arizona.
Not enough for Time Warner Cable to show the game apparently -.-
I love it. I've been waiting since Feb 
Sarah G
Football season is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Love love love it. More of a CFB fan though. Go Noles
+Levi Ramsey That's a good question.  While I do think McCoy could turn out to be a decent QB if supported properly, the Cardinals will probably ride it out with Skelton if they give up on Kolb.  Either way they are screwed, heheh.
Love it always football should be in the olimpics to
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