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BREAKING NEWS: Peyton Manning will be a Bronco and Denver plans to trade Tim Tebow. Story:
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I thought he would have gone with the Titans...they have a lot of weapons both out wide and in the backfield. Either way, good luck to him.
I think tebow would of been a great QB if he had a full off season with the broncos. im not a tebow fanatic but do think he is a great player.
new? youve never heard of Jacksonville?
anyways pats have brady. dont you think you have enoguh QB power?
Are they about to,"do it". lmao
^ Hahahaha, They arent gay Paul! ;)
I know, the exchanged look was just funny to me. lol
Very sad. Hoping he would come home to Tennessee:(
Come on is this for real?????????
Wow there giving up on that young stud Tebow oh well we will see I don't think that it makes them really any much better
tebow belongs to the pats!!!!!!
but he still can win a superbowl with Houston
It's a shame Tim Tebow can't stay. Manning would make a great mentor to him.
true true but brady would be better 4 him
if not the pats he should play baseball 4 the redsox :)
Joe, first of all he's not going to the Pats, Second you can be much of a pats fan with that stolen chant " P.A.T.S. pats pats pats" LMFAO!!! And you stole it from your team's worse enemy MY TEAM THE J.E.T.S JETS JETS JETS... On another note I wouldn't mine seeing him with the Jets.
if he went with the jets he wouldnt even get passed round one in the play offs much less get in.......and if he did the pats would crush them by the way i thought the biggest player on ur team was ur linemen not ur coach....
He can't really be going to denver, is he? Great for Denver. I was hoping he'd leave the AFC though
why would he want to do that when he blow his career in denver?
Don't know much about american football but is this guy any good?. I see him on the news a lot.
manning was good tebow is alright 4 now but brady teaches him he will be great
Peyton wont last more than three years before he retires
I think I'm going to be sick! I don't want that over-hyped running back Tebow as a QB at Miami!!

We've endured more than enough time of not having a Real QB and it's time to get one damn it!!
I may have to take the season off if they really pick up Tebow... :-(
but I hate it.....
dont get too panic.
I think it will work because we need Tim Tebow in Jacksonville for REAL!!!
Tim Tebow went to the angels & they paid 2 cents & a diet Coke for him
Well at least he wouldn't have to pretend to be a QB there... ;-)
Manning will do well with the bronco's, he has a couple of good years left!! Tim Tebow has YOUTH on his side and when Jacksonville step their game up we can get it STARTED this season.
Yo T bo come to the Cowboys we'll make romo a b.s. tv bogus clown since he won't beast up ,yeah we need a star.
Hey +joe kramer if the Pat's own the NFL, and the Giant's own the Pat's what's that make the Giant's???
Tim-ber who else needs firewood.
+jason hall all I know is that it made me $1,000 richer on Feb 3rd 2008 when my obnoxious friend, (die hard Patsy fan) started shooting his mouth off.
I heard it all year long about 19 - 0 and I am usually always in Tucson, AZ during that time of year so I decided I was going to get some tickets to see it at Glendale, Az which was not real far away.
So long story short; being the obnoxious cocky mouth guy that he is was, I said to him, what are the odds like 7 or 8 points now? He said yes, but they'll beat them by at least two TD's! OOPS INSERT FOOT IN MOUTH So I replied, so you'll give me 14 points then I guess?! Backed into the cocky corner he smiled and said absolutely no problem. To which I quickly stuck out my hand and replied, "OK so one grand it is then? He slightly pulled back his had for a split second then went back into cocky mode and said NO PROBLEM! (as he beat his chest)

I guess you know by now how that all worked out....

P.S. I sat in the stands among Patriot fans dressed in my full Dolphin gear rooting for the Giants!
i droid
Eli is the bigger brother now!p
Love it joe, love it, I never bet on my team so imagine all the heartbreak I felt that year and everyone was raking in cash, and I didn't this year either. Check out my pics was at a lot of giant's games even the playoffs against the falcons
Settle down jorge lol, they are both great in their own way. Eli just proved he isn't peytons little bro he is a threat too. I hope Eli has a boy soon so in 20 yrs we can see Manning's 3.0
Ugh... nerds can like football, they just can't play it lol
Dang that stinks! Tebow belongs in Denver and Manning needs a team that needs him more. Is it just me or did they announce that Tebow was going to be starter next year.
Peyton Manning a bronco, doesn't sound right, then again Peyton cut from Indy doesn't sound right either. I cant see Tebow going to the Pats, who wants that drama.
Seriously +Cara Patsch, every single coach in the NFL would start Peyton over Tebow! That's not even an option. Tebow is a good kid; hard worker and all, but at this point in time he's not even close to what Peyton has and should be this season. Everyone wants to talk about Peytons injuries and surgery, however all of these teams that looked at him are not stupid and they're going to have the Dr's give their advice before any deal would even be considered. That's their job and they get paid well to do it and make a call that will reflect on the entire team and their reputation.
There's a huge difference between college ball and the pros and Tebow has not done anything to warrant him being called a good quarterback at this time. Everyone has to put their God fearing emotions in check when it comes to the hard facts of his actual Quarterback capabilities. It wasn't a great season, backing into the title at 8-8 after losing their last three games. He can run with the best of them, but this is a passing league once you get up here with the big boys and that's his major weakness. It's not just physical issues with his passing, it's mental and his wanting to take off running first mentality. To his credit he had 6 TDs rushing, but had 13 fumbles also. (losing them 6 times)

So my two cents (maybe three) says; people should not be putting this guy on any Quarterback pedestals just yet, he hasn't earned them...
Hopefully Tebow takes this as a chance to fade into oblivion.His 15 minutes are up, no pun intended (15).
yes i would wnat some one who might be good on ur team why people dont want him with the pats is because he will be very good so good other teams wont be able to keep up with him.....
and the pats will be so strong then, that they will once again rule the nfl!!!!!!!!
... and then they will play the Giants in the Superbowi and once again lose in the NFL!!!!!!!!!!
you should all fear the pats more if tebow goes to them cause with tebow on the pats side the force is strong with him.........../
i mean with tebow no one could stop the pats
Not with tebow and brady it will be twice the force!!!!!!! no one could stand in there way!!!! Not even New york.....
+joe kramer don't look now, umm but behind you there seems to be some very nice gentlemen that have a nice little white coat for you. They are so nice as a matter of fact, they want to take you for a little ride. They are even going give you your own little room to stay in for a while. It's OK just go with them, it will be fun I promise...
my mom told me not trust people with white coats but your right there is someone behind me holdind a dark cloak and offering me a chair to sit on as well......wait i hear this white jacket is for u you better take it just be nice...
The pats don't need Tebow they got Brady.
your right they dont need tebow they very much need tebow, u see brady is getting older we need someone worth to pass his skill on to..
look while u tebow is comiong to boston sorry whish i better news
I still hold my opinion no matter what is decided and well once Brady gets old you have a roockie from last year #15 now he is good. NE don't need tim.
sigh fine but hed be better off with the pats
oh wait the pats just got andrew luck!!!!!!!!!!!1
joe kramer I will like just redefine what J.E.T.S. now stands for, Jesus Enters This Season. Thank you Jesus that Tebow didn't to Fox borough . Brady is getting older and this yr we will see his age...
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