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FINAL: +Miami HEAT 115, +Boston Celtics 111 (OT) -

Obviously 44 points in 53 minutes wasn't enough for Rajon Rondo?
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Excellent game and great effort by both teams.
If they called the foul on Wade when Rondo drove the game.....
Christ, please people do no start with the crap where you blame the game on the refs. Seems like the only time the Celtics lose is when the refs steal the game from them with bad calls.

It was 4 full quarters plus overtime, hundreds of plays. Woulda. Shoulda. Coulda. You lost, get over it and play better next time.
i watch 2 games one wit OKC and one wit BOSTON and i see bad calls by ref's cuz the game bcuz the winnin team is home thats not fear at all the game shud judge rtie and the ref cah say they aint see it
Ok people, take a step back for a second or two. Do you want the refs to call every call or do you want to see a PLAYOFF game with raw talent, Im just sayng.
True Heat did win, but who say LeBron miss the game winner?
Not blaming the refs. It was a solid intense game and the Heat deserve the win.
I left that comment because Wade hit Rondo on the face and that was such a crucial turning point that lead to an easy Heat fastbreak.
We can say the refs did a good job, but it comes down to 2 things why the Heat won:
1.) The uncalled foul when Wade hit Rondo in the face in OT
2.) The 40+ free throw attempts tooken by the Heat
+Marc Callado agreed, but who knows what would have happened after that? Anything could have happened, so to say it was a turning point, in a game that's 5 quarters long, doesn't make any sense. He could have made both shots and they still lost.

All kinds of things happen during a game and to take one at the end of the game and say that's what led to the outcome is like going and having your palm read.

The Heat one because they had more points. Any talk about the refs is sore losing.
+Gerald Hines Can't disagree, you make valid points. That's why I ended my first comment with ...
All we can do now is hope for more fun basketball
One of the best games I've seen so far in the play-offs, and we have more to come from these two rivals
Celtics should have won it, if it wasn't for a number of silly fouls that they committed and also bad calls by the ref , the would have won it.Bloody good game!!!
Its over for Boston if they lose game 3 and the same can be said for OKC. Time to break up the Celtics & OKC can't beat the Spurs with 3 players!
so heat can beat Spurs with 2 players!!!!!????
Bare in mind that last night's game was an away game for Celtics and they almost won it. I think fatigue and metal fragility will be Celtics undoing in the third game.
I agree with +Marc Callado above. Not blaming the refs b/c the C's couldn't rebound at all in the end, but the hit to Rondo's head was a blown call that really switched momentum. The defensive foul on KG later was also a tough break for the C's.
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