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Should boys be allowed to participate in all-girl sports (like field hockey) in high school?
It's hard to find any winners in a story about a teenage boy in New York politicking to keep playing field hockey against girls. Gregg Doyel says political correctness has its limits, and in this case...
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no then girls wont have a sport to call their own like guys
why not girls participate in all boys sports like football and baseball.
i just think they should atleast have a sport to call their own
Title IX unintended consequences.
I really should have tried out for the Volleyball team in high school. If nothing else, for the camaraderie!
No. That little boy needs a beatin'.
Yes, girls play hockey and football. I played football when I was younger, and I have a bunch of friends (girls) who play club hockey, cause my high school doesn't have an official high school team, only a club team. Learn your facts before posting.
Oh, and I think this poor kid should be allowed to play, just because of the fact that he loves the sport, and has no other way to play it. It may be harder to play against him, but that'll just make the girls he plays against practice and play harder, if they are any sort of competitive athletes at all.
agree and i think if goes one way it should swing the other
I think the people who are so determined he should be able to play should start a boys or co-ed field hockey team, if they can find enough interested parties. There's nothing wrong with a boy wanting to play field hockey, but on average men have an athletic advantage over women, so if there are no women only teams only very exceptionally athletic women are likely to get the opportunity to play.
+Jay Tulk The safety aspect is a valid concern and one I hadn't really thought about. I remember hating our co-ed gym classes because they made us play dodge ball with e guys and they would throw the ball so freakin hard. I enjoy a lot of sports traditonally considered to be "male" sports, but I don't think i'd want to play a full contact co-ed version.
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