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Lance Armstrong is now considered fiction in one Australian library.
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Is that library actually called the "Manly" library?  Do they server beer and bacon while you look for books?
Wow! Folks are really taking this story to the extreme! Lol
Nope... He said himself that he was lying the whole time.  Fiction. By definition.  
+Shawn Isaac Manly is a suburb of Sydney.  I do think serving good beer would be a welcome addition to any library.
..the same section you'll find Australian history too!
We know. We also know the Tour is rife with cheaters. What is the big deal? 
While they are at it, they can edit out champ and put in chump
Don Sobotor. The big deal is winning 7 in a row and swearing he wasn't doping and taking people to court suing for slander if they dared telling the truth. He embarrassed himself and the USA. THAT'S THE BIG DEAL
I think this is a bit much but I think it's more for publicity than a statement
Who cares if he embarrassed the USA? He embarrassed cycling as a sport.
A cheat and a liar is more like it. 
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