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Does adding Steve Nash make the +Los Angeles Lakers the favorites in the Western Conference?
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it is worth to look forward to await
Being he plays the point...he can fit in anywhere. Good move.
tobby o
Steve Nash & Dwight Howard will make the Lakers NBA Championship favorites
Anyone who claims this isn't a huge get for the Lakers is either a complete Laker hater (understandable) or downright ignorant. The PG position is the biggest issue the Lakers have. Their inability to run a fluid offense through a competent PG was the biggest reason for their spotty play all year. This makes them soo much better, and fast.
But this move makes their defense worse. For example, when they play the Nets, who does Nash guard? D-Will? Johnson? Brooks? They need another defender. Now if they manage to pick up Grant Hill...
The same could be said about Sessions, Blake, Fisher (for a time) so while I agree, they don't improve defensively, they stay the same but add a huge upgrade to the offensive side of the court.
It is a great move, he can teach some of the younger PGs into being good players and he is also a good leader 
it is going to be interesting to see what will happen with nash and kobe
Wht will happen to the suns???
+Joe Parnin umm...Sunset? Cheesy but 100% accurate, at least this upcoming season. Have some really nice 1st and 2nd round picks for the future though..
Maybe not the favorites just yet; but I love the trade.  I want to see what else they do.
Nash will lead NBA with assit now that he is with Kobe
+Dylan Jimenez I agree, he has much more talent around him in LA; he can just pass and shoot the lights out.  I'm excited about this deal.
not a chance he is done. great for pheonix
+Will McDougle & +Joe Parnin , well if the Suns didn't get rid of him this year, he would have become a free agent at the end of the year and they wouldn't have gotten anything for him. I agree that, in the short term, this is trouble for the Suns, but Kobe isn't exactly young any more either, so after this year, I think the picks are the better deal.
Yet again a Western team trades their superstar to the Lakers for absolutely nothing of value
Hope Lakers make the finals to go toe to toe with the heat. Let's go Miami!
Nobody is signed to anything yet. So none of this really matters until the 11th! 
No. Kobe has someone to help him create shots now, but OKC, San Antonio, possibly Dallas have the drop on 'em. Dwight Howard could get them there.
It's close with nash. I think either getting a slasher (Beasley) or less likely getting Dwight Howard would tip the scale sin the lakers favor. 
well nevermind beasley signed with the suns, haha. But another slasher like ariza or even resigning barnes. 
Lakers now boast most balanced and experienced starting 5 in the NBA. Nash-Kobe-Artest-Gasol-Bynum. Nash will make the Lakers more efficient on offense as well. 
Ryan G
This is the fill to the void that has been plaguing the Lakers for almost a decade. An allstar point guard will complement everyone on the team.
No because the Spurs and Thunder are still better!
Thunder will be the only team that can contest the Lakers in the Western Conference.
It makes them a contender but not favorites
It pains me to type this, but OKC is still the favorite in the conference.  Nash will make it an easier trip through the first two rounds of the playoffs, though.  Can't wait to see what Kobe, Pau and Bynum/Howard are capable of with a true point guard (and one that shoots 40% from 3 at that)!
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