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Is Michael Jordan the worst NBA executive of all-time?
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MJ needs help to pull out the mess he has gotten himself in to
MJ whats going on GET some real players
mj is the best nba player ever but he retired cause he got old dumasses
We all hesitate to criticize mj cause we grew up idolizing this man but not all great players become great executives if that was the case more hall of famers would be doing it playing the game is one thing running a successful organization and building a great team and scouting talent all while staying with in a budget is another he just might not be good enough to do it... It's ok though it's not the first time he failed at something does anyone remember his baseball and acting careers but it's fine hes still his royal airiness and will always be the greatest of all time 
I agree he needs alot of help but he's NOT The worst.... Yet. 
Yea give him a chance nba season was a screw up anyway so STOP with the rumors
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