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In their efforts to vet applicants, some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person's social networking profiles and instead asking to log in as the user to have a look around.

Would you give a potential employer your Facebook password?
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Go pound sand, would be my reply to that request... not due to anything I might have on my sites but because of the principle, what that tells me about a company that would ask something like that is THEY can't be trusted....
E Tudor
Employers want that the applicants resign from his rights? Communications, either traditional or online, should be private.
Blame lawyers these companies are trying to insulate themselves from any possible lawsuits that may develop by hiring a "troublemaker", Pre-Crime in action.... very disturbing.
Thing is, I have absolutely nothing to hide and sharing my password with them may even help me get the job... and yet I still wouldn't do it in a million years just because it's so wrong.
Although I have nothing to hide, I wouldn't give them my facebook password. They have no business wanting to view my profile the way I do.This is almost like asking you to sleep with them to get the job. They are just taking advantage due to the tight job market.
It's probably as much a test of your openness and willingness to just give away passwords (which is a "no-no" in every business as anything else. Yes-they want to see your page-but they can search for you and see that without getting your username and password. It's the GIVING AWAY your username and password-something that should be a security issue that is the problem.

Actually, I'm pleased that most people aren't willing to do that-although it is for the wrong reasons. They SHOULD be saying-"Hell, no, that's a security issue, and you're not breaching my security." It has nothing to do with privacy.
I'm not getting why he has to give his private FB page in the first place. I have different email addresses for different reasons - one for personal, work email, one for job applications, one for games etc. - why can't he just create a FB page (associated with his job seeking email address) for that?
I will never do that, I will not surrender my ideas to an employer.
companies - too far.
gov't agencies - depends.
I would tell them to eat a fat one. What's next let me hold your nuts and cough. How many women have I had sex with. What kind of nazi crap is that. 
Whoa, talk about a breach of privacy. I'd never let my employer into my social network. What a terrible, terrible idea.
This isn't something new. Ever since the boom of social networking, employers seem to be looking for flaws in new and existing employees. To some point there has to be laws in place that protect an employee's privacy. Would they hire a P.I. to watch my everyday activities if Facebook did not exist? Can I request that interviewer's Facebook username and password? As +Ken Anderson stated, can I have full access to all private files prior to accepting employment and judge the company based on that before accepting a job offer?
No, i would not give an employer access to my facebook. Not because i have anything to hide, but more because this is a potential job, not my life. Things i do on my off time are none of their concern if they do not effect my job. I do not smoke or do any type of drug.
If i want to cuss and make dirty jokes, thats my own business but my work personality is often different than my home personality.
Also, what my friends post or say in FB should not affect my standing with a company.
I would not want to work for such a company. I suppose in this economy the employers think they have the ball.
Leo T
+Mikki Torres has multiple personalities?! :O

Seriously though, if it's part of your background check, what can you do? Let's face it, there isn't really any privacy once you post information to the INTERNET. If I don't want anyone to know about something, I certainly won't post it online. I doubt that potential employers care if you tell dirty jokes. They are after something a bit more substantial such as if you are applying for a government job but "Like" the Anarchy in America FB page, crap like that.
The joys of blocking your pages. which is why the companies want you to "log into" your facebook. because people are learning how to set their privacy settings.

And yes, we keep each other company :)
Facebook is the only site where I use my real name. However, employers can use your email to track you on other sites even when you use a fake name, I think.
hehe, yay for throw away emails for my logins!!!!!! and that i use a different one (my gmail) for work applications. Yes, ive thought this crap through. But my name isnt searchable on fb :) at least thats what ive been told.
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