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Immune boost with food - Part 1
Shitake Mushrooms

If you travel on public transport, work in a closed-windowed office or have young children then you are far more likely to catch a cold or flu this winter. Stress, tiredness and poor eating will make you susceptible too.

Prevention of illness is all about supporting our immune system and overall health. In addition to keeping warm, sleeping well and managing stress to avoid being sick, why not let food be your medicine?

Over the winter month’s your CBD Natural Health Newsletter will be revealing the 3 top immune boosting foods with the most delicious recipes. Starting with June’s top immune food:

Shiitake Mushrooms.

These incredible, little mushrooms are a powerhouse of medicinal benefits. Both Japan and China have recognised Shiitake mushrooms as a food of medicine for thousands of years.

Today Shiitake mushrooms are known by herbalists for their immune modulating and enhancing actions and are particularly nourishing and supportive in immune deficient states.

Medicinally, extracts of this Shiitake have been used in complementary treatments for cancer and leukaemia as well as chronic fatigue, viral syndromes, auto immune disease and other immune deficient illness.


Shitake Mushroom gravy by Jude Blereau
Dairy free/ vegan, gluten free

A special thankyou to the fantastic wholefoods Chef, Jude Blereau for this recipe out of her cookbook: Wholefoods – Heal, Nourish, Delight. Murdoch Books 2006

Jude says this in one of her most treasured recipes. We feel fortunate to be able to share it with you. It is a fabulous, warming, rich gravy that can be used as part of a roast, eaten with a grass-fed steak or simply poured over a bowl of steamed veges and potatoes for a hot, nourishing, immune boosting feast.

This month,Jude is sharing her nutritional and culinary knowledge with cooking classes, available to all. Become a healthier cook and check it out

Makes approx.. 435ml (1 ¾ cup)
8-10 small to medium dried shitake mushrooms
1 ½ tbsp. of kudzu (or cornflour or arrowroot)
1 onion finely sliced lengthways
1-2 small garlic cloves crushed
1-2 sprigs fresh thyme
1 ½ tbsp. mirin (brown rice vinegar)
1 tsp of kelpamare or sea salt
1-2 tbsp tamari
Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Soak mushrooms in 625ml (2 ½ cups) of hot water for 20mins. Remove mushrooms and discard tough stems. Slice the caps thinly. Reserve liquid and allow to cool.
Mix Kudzu (cornflour or arrowroot) with a small amount of reserved, cool liquid to a smooth paste. Add rest of the liquid and set aside.

Heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a frying pan. Add the onions and sauté over a low heat for 4 mins. Add the garlic, thyme, mushrooms and mirin. Continue to cook, stirring occasionally until the onion is soft and translucent. Add the Kelpamare and 1 tablespoon tamari, then the kudzu liquid. Stirring, bring the mixture to a boil. Test for flavour; add pepper or the extra tamari if desired. Continue to cook over a gentle heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently, until it reduces to a gravy consistency of your liking.

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Change your quality of health, with food

What is the one thing you can change in your diet to improve your health?’ The answer is ‘the quality of the food you eat.’

It is arguably one of the greatest downfalls of our industrialised world. Farming and food processing technologies have greatly increased our food availability and variety but unfortunately for our health, the overall nutrition and the quality of our food has gone down.

You only have to stroll through the aisles of your supermarket to see that the vast majority of food for sale has been processed. Food is made into shapes, twists and twirls. Colours and flavours are added, and food is preserved and simplified into packets. Another noticeable trend is the foods that are processed to be ‘instant’ and quick to reduce time cooking. Food has been redesigned to appeal and sell with little thought for nutrition and health.

Seeking quality in food usually means spending a little more and you may find yourself needing more time prepare foods as you avoid instant or premade meals. This small investment of time and money into quality food has many rewards. Your meals will not only taste better but be better for you. With so many symptoms and diseases a result of our diet and lifestyle, this is a worthwhile investment.
6 tips to eating best quality foods.
• Aim to buy foods in their natural state. Fruits and vegies as they are fresh, grains, eggs and legumes in simple packets, not precooked
• Shop locally. Markets and wholefood warehouses are good places to explore. Buying from ‘bulk’ grocers like ‘Scoop’ can save money. Online organic delivery companies are also a great place to easily find the freshest foods. Avoid produce from overseas.
• For best quality meat, try buying in bulk direct from Farmers e.g .This fabulous website allows you to read about and choose the farm you want to purchase your meat, then buy. Skipping the supermarket chains can also save money. Always choose pasture fed, free range and organic where possible for the highest standards in quality meats.
• When buying canned or packet foods, check ingredients to discern quality. Generic supermarket lines and supermarket such as Aldi, are able to produce such foods more cheaply for a reason and often it is in the ingredients.
• If it doesn’t look like food – don’t buy it! This is important in the kids snack aisle. Don’t let the Disney figures fool you.
• Watch used by dates. Question any foods with fresh ingredients with long use by dates. There may be hidden preservatives.
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The secret to beautiful, glowing skin

Naturally beautiful, radiant skin is possible, but what is the secret? The latest cream, injection or makeup might create a temporary mask that helps you ‘look’ smooth and radiant, but getting that true glow into your skin comes from inside. It is the inner glow of health and wellbeing that makes skin shine beautifully.

Let us not forget that our skin is our largest organ covering an average of 2 square metres on an adult. It is rich in blood supply, lymphatics, immunity and has its own microbiome – a balance of bacterias and other inhabitants that support and protect our body. Our skin mirrors what is happening on the inside. We look pale when we are tired or ill, we flush when we are stimulated and if our immune system or detoxification mechanisms are overburdened or malfunctioning, we might see skin ailments such as eczema, acne, psoriasis or fungal infections. If this is the case, see a Naturopath to assess and treat the imbalances that cause these skin issues so that you can not only have clear skin again, but address the root cause of issue.

On a day to day basis, the secret to glowing skin is looking after your health from the inside out.

Below are my top 6 tips to better skin health:
1. Drink plenty of clean water, stay hydrated
2. Eat plenty of fresh, colourful foods with plenty of vitamin rich vegetables, and mineral rich wholegrains, nuts and seeds. We can all slip into bad habits easily, so take time to reassess and adjust your diet.
3. Include good quality fats (raw and cold pressed) and oils into the diet (organic where possible), such as fish, nuts, avocado, coconut, olive oil and cultured butter. Avoid the body clogging processed oils found in deep fried foods, vegetable oils and margarines.
4. Use 100% natural, plant based skin care. Get rid of the chemicals that can range from skin irritants to cancer stimulating carcinogens.
5. Take care of your digestion. Eat slowly and eat to nourish. How you digest your food is as important as what you eat. Naturopaths find most skin ailments can be traced back to digestive imbalance.
6. Sleep well. The deep relaxation of sleep allows our body to go through deeper detoxification and rejuvenation processes essential for health. Also, our skin just doesn’t wear tiredness well. Aim for 8 hours per night.
If you have any questions, please contact us or book in with a Naturopath to find out what you need to do for beautiful, clear, healthy skin.
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Keeping illness away during pregnancy

Pregnancy can make a woman feel very vulnerable. However being pregnant doesn’t make you helpless. You can reduce your susceptibility to illness, whether it is the common cold, virus or stomach bug by strengthening your health and resilience in the following ways:
- Practice preconception care: preparing your body by reaching optimal health before conceiving is always best, when possible.
- Eat quality foods (avoiding heavily processed and altered foods), fresh is best!
- Drink plenty of clean, filtered water. Stay hydrated.
- Investigate your individual nutrition and supplemental needs with your Naturopath: we all have varied requirements when it comes to the essential factors needed for pregnancy and immune support. There are also preventative supplements that Naturopath’s can prescribe where there is a need.
- Live a balanced lifestyle including exercise and good sleep
- Manage stress
Health is always the best defence, but we can still worry, particularly if there is a lot in the media about surges in outbreaks of viruses or diseases. It is always good in these situations to do a little research to alleviate fears.
Let’s take the Zika virus as an example
What we do know about the Zika virus:
- Discovered in 1947, Zika virus has been known to cause only very mild, flu like symptoms.
- The Zika virus has subsequently been found in Asia, Micronesia, and now Brazil
- In 2014/2015 an increase in recorded Microcephaly cases in Brazil (from 150 cases annually to more than 4,780 cases since October 2015) was linked to a huge spike in Zika virus cases in pregnant women.
- And then.. As reported by The New York Times:
"Of the cases examined so far, 404 have been confirmed as having microcephaly. Only 17 of them tested positive for the Zika virus..
Another 709 babies have been ruled out as having microcephaly ... underscoring the risks of false positives making the epidemic appear larger than it actually is. The remaining 3,670 cases are still being investigated."
So perhaps not so alarming.
Microencaphaly is not new. In fact it has been reported that up to 25000 babies are born annually with this condition in the USA. Other factors thought to contribute to the potential of a baby being born with Microencephaly:
- Poor nutrition– as found in poverty stricken areas such as found in Brazil, Africa and Asia.
- Atrazine – a herbicide
- Pyroproxyfen – a larvicide sprayed to control mosquitos
- Other pollutants, pesticides and immune factors are also suspected.

Perhaps we have all watched too many Armageddon ‘outbreak’ style movies as, judging by the supply and demand of news content, we seem very attracted to a pandemic.
Knowledge helps to alleviate fears and the last thing we need when we are pregnant is stress and fear so if you are pregnant and have any health concerns, please speak to a health professional.
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How happy is your liver?

Is your liver working as well as it should be? How can you tell if is struggling?

Our liver has enormous regenerative capabilities. If you were so inclined to chop a bit off, it can actually regrow. Perhaps nature designed it this way as our liver needs to cope with a bombardment of daily toxins, where is processes and detoxifies all unwanted chemicals and pollutants from our systems.

We can make even bigger demands of the liver by adding pesticides to our foods, medications, oral contraceptives, environmental chemicals such as cleaning products, plastics, heavy metals and the list continues. This burden can take its toll.

When our liver is struggling under the workload, you may experience some of these symptoms:
• Fatigue
• Food sensitivities
• Chemical sensitivities
• Headaches
• Hormone imbalance
• Feel nauseous, particularly in the morning
• Problem skin
Fortunately, we can test the detoxification abilities of the liver. This test will determine not only how efficiently your liver is working, but exactly what kind of substances your liver is struggling with. It is a Liver function detoxification profile (FLDP), a simple at home test collection of urine and saliva that you can obtain through your Naturopath. Your Naturopath can then recommend specific supplements, or dietary changes to help clear and support your liver to bring back your energy and health.

Alternatively, why not treat your liver to a detox? CBD Natural Health is offering an easy, 3 week detox program at a discount for a limited time. Get 15% off a full package that includes all consultations, all detox supplements and herbal medicines, diet and menu guide, lifestyle recommendations and shopping lists and a bonus “detox your home guide”.
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Want to feel on top of your health again?
Check in with your Naturopath and get on track. Book online
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Travel first aid kit - packed by a Naturopath

T’is the season to be holidaying. To help you prepare we have compiled a list of natural remedies that when travelling, we wouldn’t leave home without. 
• Lavender essential oil: A perfect remedy for mozzie bites, stings, burns and for calming kids (and adults).  It is anti bacterial, promotes tissue healing and prevents scarring.  Use neat (which means undiluted) for bites and stings or dilute in oil or aloe for large areas or infants.
• Aloe gel:  Choose pure, additive free aloe gels. Check ingredient listings.  Soothing, cooling and healing. Ideal for sunburn or skin that has just had a lot of exposure to the elements.
• Tea tree essential oil:  Scrapes, cuts, skin infections, fungal infections.  A must have when travelling with kids or in tropical areas.  A powerful antiseptic and antifungal.
Travelling overseas? 
• Multivitamin and/or antioxidant complex:  Airplane travel exposes you to higher levels of radiation due to the altitude.  Antioxidants will add some protection from this and the nutrients will keep you healthy during your holidaying. Ensure you choose best quality supplements.
• Echinacea: Boost your immune system while you are away, especially on plane flights which is often where people pick up sickness. Prevention is always best!
• SB (saccharomyces boullardi) – take daily to prevent tummy bugs and if you have diarrhoea, dose up to stop it in its tracks
• Herbal antiparasitics: Ask your Naturopath about these if you are travelling to Asia, Africa or South America.  Herbal medicine offers powerful prevention and intervention for some of the worst bugs.  I wouldn’t leave home without these!
• Ginger tablets:  An ideal anti-nausea remedy for travel sickness. It also helps with circulation and reduces blood stickiness to prevent  DVT’s on plane flights.
• Australian bush flower essence Travel Blend.  Help your body adapt in travel and reduce jet lag.
Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask us. 
Happy holidays!
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*Receive $45 off your foods test with the Food Detective when you booking for an initial consultation with the Naturopath.  You will receive the results by the end of your consultation! Book in today!

Offer ends 15th of December 2016. 
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Spring Clean your body
– 5 simple tips to rejuvenate your health and balance weight for summer
Just like our homes, our bodies can accumulate junk.  Chemicals and toxins can be stored in our body,  as can unwanted weight, especially over winter. Time to shed our winter skins and to spring clean.
Below are 5 simple tips to help you spring clean your body and feel ready for summer.
 Buy organic foods
I saw a poster the other day that said ‘Why is our food being made and modified by the world’s largest pesticide manufacturer?” the answer is, so they can use more pesticides $$ This reminded me at how important it is to buy organic.  Many pesticides are known carcinogens (cancer causing) and endocrine disruptors (hormone modifying) and the more they are used, the more they concentrate in waterways, our oceans and stay in our soils. Certain pesticides have been linked to infertility, particular cancers and even children’s behavioral issues and allergies.  Give your body a break and buy organic for a while.

This vibrant, fresh fruit bowl shows us what is currently in season.  
Supplied by Lettuce Deliver organic food home delivery.
Swap wine for water
No matter how many antioxidants we find in wine, it is still alcohol which is a toxin to our bodies.  Alcohol is converted to sugar in our body which means calories that add to weight gain as well.  During your week, swap wine for water and limit your alcohol on weekends for an instant calorie reduction and happier liver that will give you more energy.
Bring salad to work
Spring brings us a fresh array of vibrant, in-season vegetables to create yummy lunchtime salads.  Add beans, lentils and chickpeas for extra fibre and protein. Add lean meats and fish for richer protein and quinoa, sauerkraut or herbs for a superfood lunch.  Reducing carbohydrates by not including bread or rice and increasing good fats with quality oils in your salad dressing is perfect for weight loss.
Start moving more
Take advantage of the longer days and, warmer weather to get your circulation and muscles moving outside again. Go for a walk, a jog , a hike or bike ride. Breath in fresh air and absorb the calming effects simply being in nature as this essential for mind, body and soul.
Relaxation for weight loss
It is the middle of the year, you have been working hard. Have you had time to look after yourself?  Introduce some essential relaxation into your daily routine, whether it is some simple deep breathing or yoga or meditation.  When we are ‘under the pump’ our body’s release stress hormones that  can raise blood sugar levels and change our hormone chemistry to not only make it difficult to lose weight and but easier to gain.  Taking time to relax will help switch off those stress hormones.  If the stress is too unavoidable and you need help, ask your Naturopath about herbal medicines that can balance your stress hormones and calm the nervous system.

Have some questions?  Ask a Naturopath
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