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A deadly fire at a Quebec seniors' home is raising questions about the patchwork of rules around sprinkler use across the country, especially in buildings that house vulnerable seniors.

For years, fire safety advocates have been calling for sprinklers to become as widespread as fire alarms. It’s believed the combination of fire alarms and fire sprinklers can cut the risk of deadly home fires by 80 per cent.

“We know that sprinklers do save lives,” said Laurie Johnston, CEO of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association.

(Photo: A crane knocks down a wall after a fatal fire destroyed a seniors residence in L'Isle-Verte, Que. Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)
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The laws are due for an update. Residential sprinklers are actually discouraged  by arbitrary requirements for water pressure and are grudgingly allowed on a limited basis. How one hour drywall can be safer than a sprinkler at 75% pressure is beyond comprehension.
I worked with a group of mechanics once who would 'not' tell a new employee how to work a torque wrench. I tried to tell him and got into arguments with him and the others. I did see everyone try to tell him nicely how to work the torque wrench which is why I stuck my nose in and tried to tell him myself. After all I was the one who had to watch this bonehead stumble around for a few weeks. I was told that I was too new to be telling others what to do. I countered with the guy obviously refused to listen to 'anybody', was retarded or untrainable or the bosses son. Either way the bolts were not getting a proper torque.
Some construction worker or workers are still employed because they did not stand up to the boss on this job. 
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