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CB Ash
Writer, Software Architect, Inventor and occasional Explorer-At-Large
Writer, Software Architect, Inventor and occasional Explorer-At-Large

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Hey all!

I don't post much ( but I try to keep up with the reading! )

I've got a session coming up in my d6 Star Wars alternate campaign setting ( alternate as I don't follow the movies ) ... I'm using a crawling text for the players to read and I'd like a second pair of eyes ... how's this look?

Look ok?

Just some cross posting from my tumblr (

I was having to track a user’s action when they selected a certain graphic drawn on an HTML ‘canvas’ object. I had been using parameters in the event, but quickly found that ‘actors’ draw on a canvas stage will change what layer they are in as they are redrawn. So I couldn’t trust ‘relatedTarget’ and so on.

So ... I coded the Pythagorean theorem to determine if a user clicked inside a circular icon, by considering the circle image on the screen a series of triangles placed edge to edge. So …

( abs(x1-x2)^2 ) + ( abs(y1-y2)^2 ) <= r ^2


· x1,y1 is the location in the circular icon / collection of edge to edge triangles that the user selected

· x2,y2 is the center of the circular icon as it pertains to the screen the user is looking at

· r is the circular icon’s radius

· abs is “absolute value”, since the “viewpoint” of the equation is from the center of the circle looking outward, therefore in this set of numbers being considered, there are no negative possibilities as the viewer would always be “facing” the coordinates selected, despite the coordinate system never shifting to orient to the “viewer’s” facing.

My math may be beyond stupid here, but it works and it feels like my theory is sound in this situation.

Was kinda cool to remember how to do this.

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And the new main author site is live, right here: That took an incredible amount of time to get done. Especially since I was working on it a very little bit at a time. BUT! It's done. Finished! And is exactly what I hoped it would be. #whew #writing #steampunk #fiction #gladthatsdone

Two more chapters to my editor. That's 2600 more words closer to the end of Brass Griffin book #6! Talk about a long road getting from 'there' to 'here'. #writing   #steampunk  

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Well, I finally got around to setting up my Author Page. And for fun I set up a Goodreads Author Page and connected them together! Muahahaha! I wonder if I posted in one, it'll be an Internet-Text version of a "Newton's Cradle"?

And now, Episode 32 of Tales of the Brass Griffin: The Seventh Knife is available! #writing #steampunk #fiction
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