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May 15, 2015 is bike to work day.

Old Town Herndon and the new Reston Train Station are both pit stops.


Prop Offer:

At a local convention (Tad And Craig's Excellent Party ( ) in years 2011, 2012 and 2013 I had the honor of running +Secretly Mike Young  's Miskatonic University Trilogy.
 - Miskatonic Class Reunion
 - Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition
 - Miskatonic Class Reunion 2000

This LARP group is set in a Lovecraftian Universe and has a lot of literary references back to the works of HP Lovecraft.  The first two are independant games.  The third is a survivor's reunion from the first running of each of the first two games (which may or may not parallel any other given running of the games).

Some say I overproduced these events, because I had a prop associated with every item card or discoverable item in the games (with a few minor exceptions for very minor spell components).  This partly added to the ambiance, and also because I subscribe to the belief that it's more interesting to be forced to carry around a potion bottle, Necronomicon or Staff of Infinite Power than it is to have an item card as the sole representation.

I haven't, to the best of my knowledge, tossed a single prop from the running of these games.

I'll soon be going through the process of sorting through this plethora of LARP props in an effort to reclaim that area of my basement.

I don't think I'm crazy enough to produce these LARPs for a second run through - if this group had existed back then I might have just made two sets of printed materials in preparation of a second run through. 

I do still have all of the files that Mike provided in addition to any clean-up I did to handle modern printers or my own personal sense of style.

These three LARPs use Mike's "Rules to Live By", but don't require ownership of those rulebooks, since the rules contain all you need to know or understand the mechanics.

Though I intend to hold onto a certain set of the props that are reusable in many contexts (weapons, police paraphernalia, etc), there is a large set of things I just don't ever see using outside of horror/lovecraftian/Miskatonic games.

Is there any interest in any of these props?  I won't catalog things unless asked with an honest intent to come pick them up and then be used as needed in the LotM group.  Heck, you might just come over and 'go shopping' to pick them up.  Some of them, though they cost me considerable effort to make or obtain, just don't have a place in my life.

Note:  I am not on facebook, so can't get to the primary group.  Please feel free to repost this to that group.

Oh wegmans...
Cantaloupe on the take and weigh: 8.99/lb
In precut bins: 6.99/lb
Sliced: 2.49/lb


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The bonus footage for the LEGO movie you haven't seen yet.

But absolutely need to see.

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Added photos to NOVEMBER LIMA.

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Verification Screenshot.

I'll be a visitor, but I'll be a semi-frequent visitor

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Many in my community know I am an advocate of being visible if playing at night.  This stems partly from one of our local parks requiring active lighting and reflection if using the pathways after dark (but before official closing time).

I received the first version of this night-time visibility product as a christmas gift this past year, and was pleased to discover that they were incorporating many suggested improvements in a version 2.0.

I am not affiliated with this kickstarter in any way, other than as a backer, I just feel it is a very useful product for myself and my fellow Ingressers.  It comes in appropriate colors (and even has a third "appropriate" color for the speculators).  The project is already fully funded, so there is no risk.

Play safe everyone.

Every Sports Commentary:

Why did you lose?
Because we didn't score as many points as they did.

Why not?
Because they played better.
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