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The job market can be a jungle, and you don’t want to make it easy for someone to ignore your CV, so these tips will tell you the secret phrases that turn off ANY employer reviewing your CV.

Be sure to check your own CV and make sure none of these are present, if they are it might explain why you’ve not yet got that dream job you’re always applying for!

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Back to the Future may have been the best film of the 1980s, but did you know there were a number of hidden secrets inside those magical 116 minutes?

Below we’ve outlined 10 incredible ‘easter eggs’ you might have missed if you’re a particularly unobservant movie goer, and we think it will improve your enjoyment of the film, even now, thirty years later.

We promise, you’ll never watch that film the same way again!

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The UK general election is now in sight, and the leaders’ debates will soon be upon us – so who should you be rooting for?

You could of course just watch the debates, listen to their considered answers and then decide who you like best?

OR you could take our expensively assembled quiz which will tell you quite definitively which leader you are most like – and then support them wholeheartedly!

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If you think we’re alone in the universe, then think again! These never-before-seen photographs prove we’re being visited by aliens from distant planets hundreds of miles away!

We’ve had each one checked by an expert and they’ve confirmed they are definitely genuine.

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Today we go live! Come see us at and let us know what you think...
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