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Yippee we are finalist in the Digital Entrepreneur Awards, how cool is that.

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We now have the latest UK property sold figures shown on a nice map and a cool heat map. why not take a look

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Million pound property sales have fallen to their lowest level since 2009, according to research by Bank of Scotland. #property #conveyancing #scotland

Website copy wriiting, features vs benefits. Working late is so much fun. Anyone with some suggestions on website copy all help would be greatly appreciated

Writing a press release about our new features.

One question for our followers, how many of you would actually sell your house online?

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Plans have been approved for affordable homes across the North East of England

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Very useful
Tools for your Toolbox: for New Homeowners
This is a great list of things you should have... and think about what a great house warming gift this would make for friends and family buying their first home!

"One of the joys of renting is never having to fix a leaky faucet or hang a sheet a drywall. A call to the landlord typically takes care of most households fixes.

Becoming a homebuyer means inheriting the title of landlord. First-time homebuyers can be caught flat-footed by the transition, but you don’t need to be a home improvement genius to tackle many day-to-day fixes. A great place to start is by assembling a multipurpose toolbox with the best tools.

Here’s a look at some potential starters..."

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Finally after 30 minutes go our new look online.
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