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Helping You Buy Your First Home
Helping You Buy Your First Home

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Want YOUR golden ticket?
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Don't make these 7 common mistakes when buying your first home!

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Interview-o-graphic with +Dustin Brohm Salt Lake City, Utha Realtor.

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Yikes! Good list of mistakes to avoid!
10 Biggest Mortgage Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

- Does the mortgage application process take up quite some time?
Yes, it does!
- Are the many steps involved in the application process likely for people to make more mistakes?
They sure are!
- Can mortgage mistakes cost home buyers a lot of money?
Oh yes, it can add up!

Okay. We have now set the record straight that the entire mortgage application process is far from easy, even more so, one is more prone to make mortgage mistakes when going in unprepared!

In this article, I put forward the biggest mortgage mistakes made by home buyers when trying to buy property:

- Not reviewing credit report
- Using low or zero down payment
- Underestimating the impact of existing debt
- Changing jobs mid-application process
- Forgetting about total cost of homeownership
- Buying big-ticket items mid-application process
- Forgetting about closing costs
- Not shopping around for the best mortgage deal
- Not getting pre-approved for a loan
- Withholding information

Thanks to the following people whose articles I've consulted for this write-up:
+Luke Skar, +Ryan Fitzgerald, +Lynn Pineda and +Bill Gassett!

Read the full article here:

#realestate #mortgage #homebuyers
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